Another bs article about the bs program that is Pre-Check. And, of course, a discussion thread full of comments by the Special People o-woe-is-me-ing their fate. Pardon my impatience, but we’ve been writing about Pre-Check for over two years now, pointing out its fraud, and I do get sick of having to repeat the same things every time some ill-informed article appears in the mainstream media. [click to continue…]


Being a civil liberties watchdog can be a lonely slog. Though we know that there are millions of people around the country who get it — meaning they understand that the TSA is security theater — they don’t have the powerful voice that the mainstream press has. Nor, of course, that the TSA itself has. So we cheer when somebody else comes along who points out the TSA’s abusive farce. [click to continue…]


TSA anticipates matzo transportation spree

April 11, 2014

The Jewish holiday of Passover is on the way (April 14th-22nd). And rest assured: the crack teams of the TSA are ready for it. Since we all know how respectful the TSA is of people’s private belongings, dignity, and integrity, you can count on safe passage for your religious artifacts.  

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NYT: TSA’s behavior detection program useless, wasteful

April 8, 2014

Readers of TSA News know that we’ve been pointing out the fraud of the TSA’s so-called “behavior detection” program for years. Just a few examples: here, here, here, and here. Well, now the New York Times is finally catching on.

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TSA again denies ID, denies disabled woman

April 7, 2014

Yet another person, a disabled person in this case, has been abused by the TSA.

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John Brennan ordered to pay $500 for TSA protest

April 4, 2014

We have an update on the case of John Brennan, the man who stripped naked at a TSA checkpoint in April of 2012.

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TSA strong-arms other countries over “security”

April 2, 2014

We’ve written before about the fact that the Department of Homeland Security, an organization solely of the United States government, has infested airports abroad. Now, in the hysteria over the downed Malaysian jet, the U.S. is stepping up its pressure on foreign nations.

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TSA’s new All Surround Security

April 1, 2014

Today marks a milestone.

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Jason is back: more stories from TSA hell

March 30, 2014

Our whistleblower buddy Jason Harrington has written another exposé. We were the first site in the blabbosphere to publicize Harrington’s TSA tell-all blog, called Taking Sense Away. That was two years ago. And we wrote about him several times thereafter.

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TSA wants guns — can the OK corral be far behind?

March 27, 2014

Oh, well. I was trying to avoid writing about this because it’s so idiotic, and because the official report is, predictably, so long and turgid and full of asinine acronyms and bumbling bureaucrat-speak. But since it’s being reported all over the news, I guess have to.

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