How did this man escape the TSA’s vaunted layers?

French man arrested for impersonating a pilot Philippe Jernnard
As you’ve probably read by now, a man apparently trying to impersonate a pilot on a US Airways flight in Philadelphia now faces federal and state charges.

Philippe Jeannard, 61, was wearing a shirt with an Air France logo when he asked at the check-in counter to be upgraded. He was told there were no seats available:

A flight attendant noticed that he had an Air France ID card and asked “as a matter of courtesy” if he wanted to speak to the pilots, authorities said. The pilot and co-pilot told authorities that he entered the cockpit while they were performing their preflight duties and checks and said he was a Boeing 747 pilot, officials said.

Prosecutors said the gate agent saw the defendant sitting in the jump seat behind the pilot and told him that if he was going to sit there he would have to go back to the check-in gate to complete paperwork and verifications. He left the cockpit but became verbally abusive and was told he could not continue on the flight, authorities said. He later acknowledged to a manager that he was not a pilot, prosecutors said.

It sounds like Monsieur Jeannard is either a little mentally unbalanced or perhaps he just wanted a better seat and acted like a jerk. I don’t know. I do know, however, that he managed to get by the TSA’s much vaunted “layers” of security, including the roaming teams of voodoo practitioners behavior detection officers (BDOs). If Jeannard is mentally unstable, how come the BDOs didn’t pick up on that?

Oh, well. Probably because they were too busy confiscating cupcakes, stealing iPads, and sticking their hands down people’s pants.

  • Bob

    man with a boarding pass enters plane, the AIRLINE puts him in the cockpit. How is this one the TSA`s fault? He went through the checkpoint with a legitimate boarding pass and ID.

    • Bob, we’re having a little fun here. The TSA claims it has roving teams of “behavior detection officers” looking for cues of “malintent.” Their claim, not mine.

  • eamonkelly

    If he used the uniform as a ruse to outwit and bypass the TSA screening process (he’d still need airline ID) at security then he’s probably guilty of something but if he used a ticket with valid ID to secure access to the SIDA and the flight attendant (the fool) allowed him onto the flightdeck then it’d be tough to say he did anything really wrong, save make the TSA look stupid (not hard) but I’m sure they’ll make a big deal out of it to save face.

  • The TSA is a Christofascist layer of tyranny that conducts what’s called “security theater.” It’s for making Republican idiots think they’re being safe while our treasury continues to be looted by Christian terrorists.

    • DBA, as you’ve written before and as I’ve responded before: we at TSA News come from all over the political spectrum. All over. We are left, right, and every combination thereof. We are atheists and believers. We are united in our respect for civil liberties and determination to fight for them. We recognize, even if our fellow citizens don’t, that civil liberties are for all of us.

      So I would ask you to acknowledge that fact and not label people according to your own preconceptions. We’re all in this together.

      P.S. And Democrats are just as responsible for the disaster of the TSA as Republicans!

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  • n4zhg

    Since it was the TSA a Philadelphia International Airport,

    Were they:

    A: Looking for Arabic flash cards held by a college student

    B: Harassing a woman because she was in possession of sequentially numbered signed checks

    C: Taking a nap

    D: Scarfing down Double Whoppers and large Onion Rings at Burger King

    E: Humiliating the handicapped

    • F. Keeping track of their known pedophile employee

      ACTUALLY – Philadelphia is one of the best airports to fly from as they have not installed scanners as primary screening for most passengers. If you MUST fly, Philadelphia is the best for those who care about their rights to be free of molestation and illegal searches.

      This guy is just a nut, no big deal…..the airline procedures obviously worked. And no scanners or groping were needed.

      • Jeff, but you can still get groped there (Philadelphia).

  • nveric

    Voodoo is an imperfect art-form.

    Also, people see the “authority” signs and instantly ignore all else. People are programmed to obey the “sign” and not question further. Barked commands likewise hail disciplined responses. People hear democracy, freedom, and liberty, and instantly assume the subservient posture of a slave about to be whipped, beaten, and internally violated.

    There’s no hope without continually resisting, struggling, and Nonviolently fighting.

  • Daisiemae

    Oh, come on, Lisa! You can’t expect TSA to concern themselves with this man with all those exploding wheelchair children terrorizing our nation’s airports. To say nothing of the fear and horror being spread by legless Marines!

    So what if a crazy man enters the cockpit impersonating a pilot? Thank God for TSA, our last line of defense against nonagenarian diapers and terminal feeding tubes!

    • Daisiemae, you’re right — I forgot they were busy corralling all those exploding wheelchair children!