TSA brainiac pepper-sprays self, colleagues; 6 hospitalized

Ah, yes, the Brain Trust in Blue, as our writer Deborah Newell Tornello calls them — every time you think they’ve topped themselves, they prove you wrong.

In the latest episode of The Adventures of Darwin Award Candidates, a TSA agent at JFK (source of so many shenanigans) was “playing around” with a canister of pepper spray he found on the floor. Oops!

The Daily Mail tells the story:

An airport security worker who discovered a container of pepper spray at JFK sprayed five of his colleagues with the chemical as he was ‘playing around’ with the canister.

All six TSA screeners were taken to hospital, and security checks at JFK were said to have been held up for at least 15 minutes following the incident in Terminal 2.

Chris Yves Dabel is said to have told Port Authority officials he discovered the canister on the floor at a security checkpoint, and and ‘thought it was a laser pointer’.

That’s right, the brilliant “security” soldiers On The Front Lines In The War On Terrorthought a canister of pepper spray was a laser pointer. And these are the people who are supposed to be able to tell the difference between an insulin pump, a purse, a belt buckle, or a breast prosthesis, and a bomb.

The Gothamist also has a report on this latest escapade. And wait’ll you read the CYA statement by the TSA brass.

Oh, those wacky TSA agents — ya just can’t keep ‘em down!

(Photo: babble.com)