Honolulu TSA manager fired, rehired, twice

As we’ve reported many times, while you’re being separated from your belongings and getting your private parts groped, because you’re obviously too dangerous to be let onto a plane otherwise, much of the luggage and cargo are still going into the hold unscreened.

It was unscreened luggage that got 36 TSA employees in trouble at Honolulu International Airport in 2011. In a rare burst of responsibility, the TSA fired those employees.

Well, at least one of them is back. For a second time.

TSA manager Raymond Ware was let go — twice — and rehired — twice. So he’s back to collecting his $89,000 annual salary. He had sued for wrongful termination.

Over at Jaunted, they calculate that Ware has by now collected almost a million bucks in back pay. And he’s not the only one:

Honolulu’s former Federal Security Director Glen Kajiyama, who was also fired by the TSA, won a financial settlement and federal retirement benefits in July, according to his attorney, Elbridge Smith. Kajiyama’s settlement amount was kept secret, according to terms of the deal with the TSA, Smith said.

Deputy Assistant Federal Security Director Adam Myers also appealed his dismissal.  In July, Myers settled his case for an amount of money that must remain secret as part of the settlement agreement, according to Myers’ lawyer, Todd Withy.

Last October, former TSA manager Olivier Jodloman was reinstated to his old job by an administrative judge.

As I love to say, folks, your tax dollars at work!

Look, I don’t know if any of these people were, in fact, wrongfully terminated. And I never will. Neither will anyone else. And of course it’s possible that the higher-ups are more to blame and are scapegoating their underlings, something that goes on in workplaces everywhere (though the people named in this article are all managers).

What I do know is that the TSA’s practices are ineffective and abusive, its management dismissive and out of touch.

The TSA is a charade. It exists only to make people “feel” safer. We have provided evidence for this assertion hundreds of times at this blog, and we aren’t the only ones who’ve done it.