Two things have prevented another 9/11 attack

Kevan Davis
Lisa Simeone, in a comment at writes:

What has prevented a 9/11-style attack is two things and two things only: the cockpit doors have been secured, and passengers will no longer silently submit (which is more than I can say for TSA apologists).

If you want to go by facts — a very unpopular position post-9/11, I know — we in this country have enjoyed safe aviation for over 50 years, with, in all that time, only 2 — count ’em — 2 bombs that have been detonated on planes. And both of those occurred in the 1960s. One plane landed safely, no fatalities, no injuries. The other didn’t.

The hysteria and paranoia in this country are off the charts. You’re more in danger driving to the airport than getting on a plane. Keep giving up your rights, people, and then one day when you find they’re all gone, you’ll have only yourself to blame.

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  • Outland10

    Agree completely.

    I’d just add a 3rd thing: the element of surprise, (which may be a corollary to passenger reaction). It shows the ridiculousness of chasing the last type of attack, and squandering money on TSA in that effort.

  • RonBonner

    I agree with your position except for one tiny point. I have little doubt that TSA screeners and their theater have reduced the attempts of moving weapons through passenger checkpoints. Of course the Keystone Cops would have been just as successful.

    Any terrorist worth his salt would attack commercial aviation through the porous cloth of employee access, those people who can and do bring anything they like to the secure side of airports and airplanes we fly on.

    Nothing stops these people from brings explosives, large quantities of drugs, or any other contraband right to the airplanes. No one screens these people especially TSA who is responsible for the security of anyone accessing the sterile area.

    No airplane has been used as a weapon or blown up in the sky since TSA started violating the civil rights of all travelers but it is not because of TSA but that there have no attempts by terrorist against commercial aviation.

    For $8 Billion Dollars a YEAR I would be happier with the Keystone Cops!