Sai, still being harassed by the TSA

In February, we wrote about a young man named Sai who was bullied, harassed, and unlawfully detained by the TSA at Boston Logan Airport. Well, Sai is back.

And the TSA is still harassing him.

This time, Sai has made a video of his latest encounter with the TSA. The aggregation site BoingBoing has picked it up, which is great, because it means the story will get a lot of play. BoingBoing has millions of readers. Take a look.

And if you want to see what really goes on at the checkpoint, watch Sai’s 18-minute subtitled video at that same link. Then come back and tell me that the TSA and its minions don’t abuse passengers. He’s disabled. They know it. They taunt him and deny him his medical liquid.

But then, we’ve only been cataloguing such abuse for years.

How long before one of these idiots kills a passenger?


  • n4zhg

    I strongly suspect there have already been deaths that can be attributed to the illegal actions of freedom fluffers, they just haven’t connected the dots as yet.

    • Susan Richart

      At a minimum, illnesses due to procedures such as shoe removal or transfer of a bacterium during a pat down or luggage search by goons wearing dirty gloves.

      • Kitten

        Not surprised. Due to medical issues, I must carry food which is safe for me to consume because there is nothing I can purchase in the secure area or on a plane. The last time I flew, a TS agent grabbed my food bag and started to open it. I requested that she change her gloves (per policy) because she’d just been handling some bins. She ignored me. I reached to keep her from handling my food with dirty gloves. She screamed at me that I was not allowed to touch my property. I told her that she was not allowed to touch my food with dirty gloves — she was in violation of TSA and Health Board Policy. Her response was to HIT me. I was glared at by a supervisor. For causing trouble, no doubt. I advised him that I had asked her to change dirty gloves before handling my food, and she refused. To my surprise, he ordered her to change her gloves. Oh, and the “problem” in my food? A two ounce bottle of homemade powdered seasoning which “looked too big and looked like a liquid.” That was, btw, the last time I flew.

  • Notice that in the edited, subtitled video, the TSA supervisor resorts to the tried and true “when did you stop beating your wife?” ploy. She says to Sai, out of the blue: “OK. Can you calm down here?”

    It’s an accusation that he’s not being calm, which is false. It’s false. It’s a lie. As anyone who listens to this tape can clearly hear, Sai is the epitome of calm. But the TSA wants to pretend that he’s not, that he’s somehow impeding the security process so they can claim that later if need be.

    Many of us have experienced this same behavior.

    Also notice that this is Covenant — private security harassing him — at SFO. Private security, which people keep pretending is some kind of panacea.

    • Susan Richart

      On another site, a writer implies that she comes up against this often”

      “This is common tactic in my experience; I become even more calm, quiet, and exacting in my speech when stressed, yet I am often told to ‘calm down’ when I try and point out something (such as when I explain that I am medically unable to use the MMW, but am told that I am ‘opting out’)

      Using that phrase makes it sound as if the passenger is behaving inappropriately, which isn’t the case.’

      Yet another writer states:

      “Clerks do this in order to trump up a charge of disrupting the screening process.”

      This is obviously another TSA tactic taught in their training classes, just as is the intimidation by groups of screeners gathering around “distruptive” passengers.

  • LeeAnneClark

    Wow. Just…wow. I watched the video. Truly sickening, they way they treated a clearly disabled person. The nasty, superior, condescending attitude was horrific…and blatant. I’m SO proud of Sai for maintaining his cool throughout that entire episode. And getting it on video is a masterstroke! I hope every one of those asshole TSA pigs got fired. (I realize that’s totally wishful thinking…they probably got promoted, as they exemplify all the *best* qualities of the TSA.)

    This needs to go viral!

  • Susan Richart

    The good thing is that this time there is video documentation of abuse which one hopes will get the attention of any court. I understand that Mark Randazza is communicating with Sai, which should make TSA wet its collective pants.

    • RB

      What I don’t understand is why lawyers aren’t beating his door down and offering representation.

      Fighting the government is tough. Most people don’t have the personal resources available to mount such a battle. Where is the justice in that?

  • davidgilmore

    I watched the whole video. What a bunch of bozos. They clearly don’t know the policy. I hope Sai sues their collective baggy pants off.

    • Oh, they know the policy. They just choose to ignore it. This goes on every day, all across the country. The TSA has absolute power. Therefore, they abuse it. It’s so simple. Yet millions of Americans still don’t get it.

      And yes, I, too, hopes he sues them from here to kingdom come. Unfortunately, as always, it’ll be us taxpayers on the hook for a settlement. Once again, we get screwed.