Sai, still being harassed by the TSA

In February, we wrote about a young man named Sai who was bullied, harassed, and unlawfully detained by the TSA at Boston Logan Airport. Well, Sai is back.

And the TSA is still harassing him.

This time, Sai has made a video of his latest encounter with the TSA. The aggregation site BoingBoing has picked it up, which is great, because it means the story will get a lot of play. BoingBoing has millions of readers. Take a look.

And if you want to see what really goes on at the checkpoint, watch Sai’s 18-minute subtitled video at that same link. Then come back and tell me that the TSA and its minions don’t abuse passengers. He’s disabled. They know it. They taunt him and deny him his medical liquid.

But then, we’ve only been cataloguing such abuse for years.

How long before one of these idiots kills a passenger?