Confessions of a guy who peeps at women getting groped by the TSA

He didn’t want to be identified by name. He says he’s just a guy who travels who reads my site.

I saw that you care about privacy and probably want to know that this happens. I travel a lot and it is boring to just wait at the gate.

And here’s what he wrote:

Confession of a TSA Peeper

The youngest women are the best when they raise their arms. You don’t get much effect from the older ones. But the young women, barefoot, down to a blouse, no belt, yes. They raise their arms and up goes the blouse. You get some skin and maybe a navel. Most important, up go the breasts.

The women are trapped, really. Once in, arms up, they can’t move. It’s even better when they do move, because it messes up the machine and I get to see the pat down. The pat down! But it’s still very good when they don’t move a muscle. One second, two, three, sometimes seven or eight! There she stands. Venus with arms intact, a museum piece.

If I could, I’d raise my own arms in praise of this TSA show, woman after woman in parade. First they strip a little, and then they take their turn, arms up and legs out. Or I imagine my own arms up, palms against her palms, a double high-five.

A few terminals at a few airports are the best. They actually have chairs and tables on one side of the machines or the other. I can sip a drink or pretend I’m looking at my phone. Once in a while I do snap a photo or take video. You get to know which women will be the best, and you know exactly where they will be standing and how much zoom to use. For obvious reasons a white or light cream color top shows the most curves and shapes. I can’t believe so many women don’t remember that they will be on display. Maybe they do . . . sometimes they smile!

You might think the best terminals are the ones that have the chairs on the free side, where you don’t even need a ticket, but there are too many people around except early in the morning or late at night, and you usually can’t get a good look at the pat downs. The best ones have a restaurant on the ticket side, right in front, and nobody is surprised if you stay seated for a while.

I do feel a little guilty when it’s a girl, maybe 16, and I’m still looking. But the TSA is not just looking at the outside of her clothes, they’re seeing everything, and in the pat down they are feeling it, too. In comparison I’m not even seeing as much as the video security cameras. They are watching the whole time, but I don’t stare for more than a few seconds at once. And they are recording a lot more than I am.

This is the result of our giving up our rights so politely and easily. If every person made a scene like I do over our being searched without probable cause, do you think the TSA would still exist?

(Photo: Daquella manera/Flickr Creative Commons)

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  • The TSA and the idiots who put them in charge need to rethink their ineffective methods.

    also, we have a keyboard warrior in here. I suggest you mod yourself and move on since you seem to be arguing with everyone who has a different opinion than yours.

  • Avoids Flying

    I haven’t flown in years, because of the invasivness of the TSA. I drive, or when possible, have taken the train a couple of times. Because of travel delays, it’s really not too much longer for me to drive to southern California than fly. And no perverts feeling me up.

  • Kimberly Coughlan

    It’s absolutely true! I had a perv sitting not even 5 feet away ogling me as I was being fondled by a C*** at RIC!

  • Children Of Nephilim

    I do believe this is a work of fiction, but it’s a good way to scare people into no longer using the airport.

    • Children of Nephilim, yeah, guys don’t get off on looking at women. Pure fiction.

      • Children Of Nephilim

        good job analyzing the article in a one-dimensional manner. This was more than likely, as I stated before, written with the intent of scaring people away from using the airport, and as one other person commenting mentioned, it’s perhaps to get women on board to try to change what’s taking place within the airports.

        And guys who like “looking at women” doesn’t change the fact that this is still more than likely fiction.

        • CofN, neither one of us has evidence proving that the story is true or false. The point is that some men behave this way. And the bigger point, for the 3rd time, that people should be directing their wrath at the TSA, not at this anonymous guy. If anyone’s scaring women away from the airport, it’s the TSA, not peeping Toms.

          • Children Of Nephilim

            no one is arguing with this, and I do agree people need to stand against the TSA, but again, my main comment was that this is more than likely fiction, or an exaggeration. Also, Chasmosaur brings up a good point, when I was being groped for refusing the back-scatter machine, there’s no way a man snapping photos would have got away with that, not because they care about my dignity, but because they’re afraid the photos will be used to smear their image. If you look on youtube, you’ll see people trying to take videos of their families (usually young children) being groped by the TSA.. what does the TSA do in most of these videos? They take the camera away and threaten to call the cops.

            So I stick with my first comment, and my first comment is what it is. So don’t read between lines that aren’t there and start assuming I’m “attacking” the author and treating the TSA as if their not at fault.

          • “Attacking”? I don’t understand. Who’s attacking? Who said anybody was attacking anybody else?

          • Children Of Nephilim

            “directing their wrath at” would be attacking someone in a non-physical sense, even if you stated this in a comparative way. Are we going to side-step this debate further by playing petty word games?

          • Daisiemae


          • TSAisTerrorism

            I know it feels good to assume that TSA’s got your back by protecting theirs limiting photography of the grope down. But, really, are people seriously this oblivious to what goes on at a checkpoint?

            TSA is a big, ridiculous circus, and the people working there are complete and utter morons. The only thing they’re interested in is the big show they can put on. That’s why they stop people obviously filming.

            You know who they don’t stop? People like this guy who can do it in a sneaky way. You know how I know? I’ve done it, too. Now, not in the same way as this author, but I’ve stood around at the checkpoint for nearly half an hour recording gropes, and no one even batted an eye. In fact, they seemed completely unaware that I was even there. Here’s how I did it: I set up my camera on my rollaboard just so so that it was continuously recording the designated groping area. And then I “checked my voice mail”, paced waiting for an “important phone call”, squirreled around with my text messages.

            I stood at the exit of a TSA checkpoint for 30 minutes acting suspiciously while recording ongoing, continuous groping, and nobody noticed a thing.

          • Thanks, TSAisT. I wanted to explain this but was hoping someone else would do it. Because at a certain point, it’s like beating a dead horse.

            There are entire websites devoted to surreptitious photos/videos of women in public places. I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to believe.

            No, the TSA is not watching Every Single Person’s Every Move. Yes, it’s easy to capture images of people without their knowledge. No, I don’t condone it, which should be obvious but apparently isn’t. No, I don’t know if this man’s story is legit or not, as I’ve already said. Yes, I do find it believable. No, not everyone will find it believable. That’s why we have “YMMV.”

            Bottom line: the point is not to “scare and terrify women” or to prevent people from going to the airport. For the umpteenth time, the point is that the TSA is scaring and terrifying and preventing all by itself.

          • TSAisTerrorism

            I just want to clarify something just in case someone takes your comment here out of context, though I understand what you are saying.

            I was not filming women getting groped.

            When the Reign of Molestation began I was taking video hoping to get a really good groping to send out virally. I simply set up shop and let the camera film what it would.

          • Totally understand.

          • I took photos of my husband’s patdown at MSY, the New Orleans airport. No one interfered at all with my right to do that. The molester in blue said, “Hey, if you’re posting those on the internet I want royalties.” I told him,
            “Oh, I hope you get what you deserve. I mean that – I sincerely hope you get what’s coming to you.”

      • Chasmosaur

        Lisa –

        I agree that men look at women – but sitting around the cleared side of a TSA checkpoint to take pictures of women in the AIT is a bit over the top.

        I don’t doubt there are guys who would do this. What I find odd about this story is that TSA would permit someone to loiter for a while on those benches and chairs and aim cameras at the AIT. We know how well that generally goes over.

        • “but sitting around the cleared side of a TSA checkpoint to take pictures of women in the AIT is a bit over the top.”

          I already addressed this elsewhere in the thread. As for sitting around ogling, the Master List (click tab at top of page) has examples of this, and a reader named Kimberly Coughlan just left a comment affirming it. People are obviously free to believe what they want to believe.

          • Chasmosaur

            I saw both comments.

            I didn’t mean I don’t believe a certain type of man wouldn’t do that.

            I meant that I thought TSA would consider this suspicious behaviour. We know they don’t like cameras aimed in their direction. Especially since there’s only so much zoom you can get on a camera phone – he couldn’t have been that far away.

            You know me – I dislike hyperbole. The actual truth in the case of TSA is bad enough. So if it’s actually true – yuck, and man, TSA really isn’t paying attention. If it’s an exaggeration, it doesn’t help the concerned public address and change the many things that are wrong with TSA.

  • Chris Bray

    No way this dude would be that much of a creepy horrible perv without immediately being hired by the TSA. What. he’s never seen a pizza box?

  • Sporty_Teacher

    First, I think this guy needs help.

    This behavior is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable to me and is a major reason why I have forsaken air travel. I don’t have control over my body at a TSA checkpoint.

    • Sporty_Teacher, this guy is only admitting to what millions of men do and don’t admit. The outrage should be directed at the TSA, not at opportunists like this.

      I, too, have stopped flying — I stopped in 2010, just before the Reign of Molestation was implemented — and it’s a huge sacrifice for me. But I didn’t stop because of guys like this, who are, let’s face it, everywhere in life, not just at the airport. I stopped because of the TSA.

      Let your wrath be known in the public docket. See the many other posts at this blog that explain how to submit your public comment, such as this one:

      • Sporty_Teacher

        Very true. Call me a prude or old fashioned. I just wish people (men and women) would exercise more discipline and constraint in their actions as well as words. If so, maybe more marriages would survive. You can’t truly love another person when your eyes are lusting after others. But I digress.

        Yes, the culture TSA has created at checkpoints serves as a playground for creeps like this. Yes, change the culture and the creeps won’t be able to play their game there. That still does not absolve an individual of his/her responsibility for his/her own behavior and actions in other realms.

        Oh trust me. I have sent in my comment. It was in the first group that was posted. I have also sent the link of the website out to my friends asking them to submit theirs.

      • Sorry but that’s BS. This man is still doing something wrong. We are humans with brains and have control over our actions. What the TSA is doing is wrong, but so is what this man is doing.

        • I’m not defending the guy. I’m stating facts. And I will say it again: one’s time is better spent writing a comment about the TSA in the public docket than in writing anonymous comments about some anonymous guy at a blog.

  • Jeff Green

    I don’t really believe this post. That is to say much of what has been stated is true enough but I feel that this was made up more as a testimony to people who still believe that what the tsa is doing is real security.

    This story is more about scaring and terrifying women, using the creepiness factor in an attempt to bring more women on-board in questioning whether what the tsa is telling them is true, or what a story like this is trying to convey is true.

    I have always held to the belief that tsa staff and the general public have taken advantage of these “security checks” all in the name of safety, to have a surreptitious look at the merchandise on display. Some may feel it is a necessary evil to make them safe for the journey, others may have no clue or even care that this is happening but for those of you who may have had your suspicions, I would read this story with a grain of truth and hope that it will be a wake-up call for you to add your voice in demanding that the tsa overhaul the entire security theater and stop this ridiculous nonsense.