TSA brags — again — about nabbing innocuous stuff

Got a belt buckle? A lighter? A watch? A purse? Breath mints? Congratulations! You, too, could be a terrorist!

In its never-ending campaign to convince us of all the Scary Terroristy Stuff it confiscates from passengers, the TSA is trumpeting its latest acquisitions (which will end up being sold at state-run surplus stores). These acquisitions are a lighter in the shape of a gun — that’s right, not a gun, just a toy replica of a gun, something the TSA has delighted in taking from other people in the past as well — and a knife “concealed” in a belt buckle.

Whether that dangerous weapon was actually deliberately concealed by the hapless passenger is up for debate. I know which side I’m on.

As for the toy gun lighter, it was obviously no danger to anyone, yet the TSA took it from the traveler anyway. In other words, stole it. (Never mind the fact that they miss actual dangerous items all the time, as the famous “Red Teams” prove, again and again and again.)

Oh, the brave men and women of the TSA, On The Front Lines In The War on Terror! Saving us all from leather insignia, plastic toysdangerous purses, artsy watchescupcakes, potato chips, and Terror Mints!

Yes, Terror Mints. What, you didn’t know there were such things as Scary Explosive Terror Mints? Well, obviously, you’re not keeping up. Get with the program, people.

(Photo courtesy of Fox44/ABC22)