TSA worker: “But Hawaii is a foreign country!”

Luckily (or unluckily) for us, the TSA is just a security puppet show, not real security. We took care of actual security by reinforcing cockpit doors and by coming to understand that passengers will no longer silently submit to would-be attackers.

Meaningful security is the sort done by trained intelligence officers, using probable cause to root out plots ahead of time — not by waiting until people get to the airport, massed together in crowded lines, and having unskilled workers feel up their genitals.

Well, reinforcing what most of us who have looked into the dead eyes of a TSA worker already know, there’s this posting from FlyerTalk by “RedWingsFan” :

Hawaii is not a state according to the TSA agent

I just went through the TSA expedited line at O’Hare. I handed my boarding pass and driver’s license to the TSA agent — she’s like we don’t accept foreign driver’s licenses. I informed the agent that Hawaii is a state. She’s was adamant that it was a foreign country. Calls her supervisor over and proceeds to ask him if Hawaii was a state or not. He’s like yes! And rolls his eyes!

Where do the Feds find these employees?!

Where indeed.

  • Xanthippia

    It’s obvious — advertise on the backs of pizza boxes, put flyers up on telephone posts and paste stickers on gas pumps, and you’re sure to assemble a crackerjack security team. (not)

  • Skreenuhr

    If its not a forin cuntry, why Hawaie is one othur sied of the specific oshun? Non of yoo can bee screenuhr leik me, loosers.

  • David

    I think when they get fired as greeters at Walmart, they then migrate over to the TSA. Hawaii SHOULD be a foreign country…but that’s another story.

  • PeanutButter

    I wish I could believe that Americans “will no longer silently submit to would-be attackers”. The TSA goons are exactly the type of attackers to whom we should refuse to submit. They have taught the average traveler to relinquish his rights far more effectively than years of previous government overreach were able to do.

  • Jeff Green

    On a complete aside, As a District of Columbia resident visiting the midwest, I was asked by a fellow customer at a gas station stop, who upon seeing my DC license plates inquired as to what state I was from.

    Not from any state I told him, Washington, DC. You know, the capital city… Yes, yes I know he said, I’ve been there but WHAT STATE is it in, he re-asked a little slower and louder so I would understand. I quickly explained about how it was a federal city, once part of Maryland and Virgina but is an independent area unto itself. He just kept interrupting me and tried to make me better understand his original question. So, I told him to look it up on the web where he might find the magical answer he was seeking. I last saw him in my rear view, talking to his wife and pointing at my car as I pulled out. Perhaps this dude is a supervisor for the tsa 😉

  • Susan Richart

    Sadly, that woman is most likely still employed by the TSA.

    Another FlyerTalk member spoke a few years ago, abut an ID checker demanding a passport from him, stating that New Mexico was not a state and his NM DL could not be used for ID.

    Where do they get these dunderheads?

    • Daisiemae

      From pizza boxes.

    • Lala

      I’ve gotten that response from a Customs agent upon seeing my NM birth certificate (when you could still travel to the Caribbean w/o a passport.) I remember looking at the guy, furrowing my brow and asking for a supervisor. Of course, the sup. let me through and was very apologetic…

      But yes, in the course of my life several people have asked me when I became a citizen after they learned I was born in New Mexico. I laugh, and tell them it’s the 47th state. Of course I can now thank Breaking Bad for introducing millions more people to the wonders of the “Land of Enchantment.”