This sandwich is the bomb! Oops. TSA agents are on the case!

Jason Michael Cruz learned the hard way about the brainiacs populating the TSA.

Cruz was detained and missed his flight because a TSA clerk overheard him talking about a sandwich that was “the bomb.”

Before all the TSA apologists come crawling out of the woodwork, let me ask you something: do you think that if a person were actually planning to bomb something, that that person would talk about it so openly and cavalierly?

I know I’m asking you to use logic here, but go with me on this.

Do you really think Acme Terrorists, Inc. are going around blithely talking about bombs within earshot of everyone else? Really??

The TSA clerk probably got a merit badge for her quick thinking in reporting the Scary Terroristy Threat to a supervisor, and that supervisor probably got promoted. Meanwhile, Cruz missed his flight.

Oh, well. We already know that the Department of Homeland Security has a list of Big Scary Terroristy Words for which they’re combing your emails and social media accounts. I guess it makes sense that its partner agency, the TSA, is likewise on the look-out.

(Photo courtesy of the Gothamist and Yelp)