TSA postpones new knife rule

Proving once again that a bumbling bureaucracy is responsive as long as The Right People are squawking, the TSA has decided to delay implementation of the new rule about knives.

Have no fear, though. You, the Little People, still don’t mean anything.

The new rule about knives (which are now, have been, and will continue to get on planes anyway) was scheduled to go into effect on April 25th. Now, however, it will be delayed. To when exactly we know not.

Methinks it was because the airlines squawked that the change is being postponed, though plenty of flight attendants are still unhappy.

Maybe if thousands of people were up in arms about being robbed and sexually assaulted at the checkpoint we could put an end to the strip-search scanners and gropes, too. Ah well, a gal can dream.

  • Hulka

    Let me get this. . .flight attendants object to small key-chain knives but yet they bring steel knifes and forks with my first class meal?

    • Hulka, yep. It’s all part of the joy that is TSA illogic and idiocy!

  • Oh thank heaven Johnny P caved in! We came perilously close to having airplanes that are only as safe as the average Ace Hardware store.

  • Fisher1949

    Politics trumps the Constitution again. This was an easy fight for Politicians looking to score talking points and media attention when the agency was finally beginning to adopt some common sense.

    This slap down will only encourage TSA to impose even more onerous security requirements on innocent travelers and heap more misery on the traveling public.

  • TSAisTerrorism

    I wish I could understand why, with all of the outrage, the same could not be done with Nude Body Scanners. TSA is a disaster.

    • But TSAisT, you know the answer. There hasn’t been this same outrage over the strip-search scanners. Most people gladly step into them and raise their arms in a pose of surrender. Radiation or no radiation, they’re happy to do it.

      • TSAisTerrorism

        Most people are idiots. They think the scanners are some kind of metal detector.

        They also think that by surrendering that they’re somehow on the front lines of the War on Terror!. Remember – they hate us for our Freedoms, and to protect freedom, we have to give them away.

  • RB

    Pistole blinked. What a sorry SOB.

  • Susan Richart

    Pissy must be pissed that he had to cave into pressure.

  • Kfred

    Losers. I’m disgusted but not surprised in the least bit.