Another woman detained by TSA over false positive

I suppose we can say it till we’re blue in the face and it still won’t make a dent.

The so-called explosives trace detection machines, like the strip-search scanners, alarm on false positives all the time. All the time.

So this latest incident (that we know of — God only knows how many others there are) is no surprise, except to people who still don’t get it:

Just days after the Boston Marathon bombing, she was randomly chosen for a hand swab at an Ohio airport. TSA agents told her she tested positive for explosives, and what caused it is a common, everyday item.

“They said, ‘You’re testing for nitrates,'” Linda said.

She said she’s still rattled by the incident, and did not want to use her last name. She was at the airport in Columbus, Ohio, when it happened.

Linda went through the X-ray, then TSA workers randomly chose her for a hand swab, which detects traces of explosives. And she tested positive.

“I was shocked. I don’t know how that happened. The only thing that went through my mind was, ‘What did I do? What did I touch?’ because I had been at work all morning,” Linda said.

So what did the TSA do next?

TSA agents patted down Linda’s entire body in a private room and she was eventually cleared.

“I was probably in the little private room for 15 minutes, which was nerve-wracking,” Linda said.

Patted down her entire body. Patted down her entire body because of bogus “explosives residue” on her hands, which the TSA itself knows and has admitted is always a false positive. Patted her down in private, of course, because they can get a better grope that way.

And Linda was apparently fine with that, because “it’s for our own good.”

“You know, it’s for our own good. It didn’t bother me, it was just shocking,” Linda said.

I repeat what I’ve said before: one of the most pernicious effects of authoritarianism is that it engages its victims as complicit in their own abuse.

I wonder when Americans will wake up.

(Photo courtesy of News 9 Oklahoma)