Guantanamo Prisoners’ Groins Protected; Too Bad Yours Aren’t


In an excellent ruling that provides rare good news for the prisoners illegally detained at Guantanamo, a U.S. judge reveals that he actually has a sense of justice. The good news for the prisoners, however, doesn’t extend to the rest of us.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth, chief judge of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled that the TSA-style searches conducted on Guantanamo prisoners — where guards grope the genitals of prisoners — are no longer allowed.

And, mirabile dictu, he called the government’s actions out for what they are: “yet another exaggerated response.” Sorta like the entire post-9/11 national security apparatus.

Although Lamberth’s decision was based partly on religion, his ruling has, obviously, serious civil liberties implications. One wonders if an enterprising lawyer out there will take this decision and run with it — in other words, use it to show that the genital-groping going on at airports is also illegal and should be stopped.

Hello? Anyone?

Originally posted at ABombazine.

UPDATE July 18, 2013: The Obama administration immediately appealed the court ruling. And won. Because the Obama administration, in addition to torturing hunger-striking prisoners at Guantanamo, apparently wants to humiliate those who aren’t on hunger strike. The genital gropes will continue.

  • TSAisTerrorism

    RE: the update from 7/18/13. WTF is wroooooooooooooooooong with these idiots in power? What is with the incessant insistence on crotch sniffing, crotch imaging, and crotch grabbing in the name of Freedom, Safety, and Security? Where do these dimwits make such a bizarre connection?

    • TSAisT, it’s a means of control. And has been used as such by many regimes, in many parts of the world, throughout history.

  • RonBonner

    The first paragraph of this piece claiming the terrorist held at Guantanamo are being held illegally weakens the remaining article. The legality of this detention could be argued for years with good points on either side of the argument.

    • RonBonner

      Hey guys I appreciate the down votes. Not sure why anyone would disagree since the first sentence of the posted article is unproven and not necessarily a fact. Do read that I said it could be argued either way. I didn’t take sides!

      I also don’t fully agree with restricting the form of pat downs used on a prisoner but do agree that such pat downs should never be used by TSA screeners. If a person traveling is suspected of carrying contraband then police should be the ones conducting any pat down and then only if reasonable cause can be presented as required by law.

  • Chris Bray

    It’s not a “crotch” — it’s just “resistance.” And the TSA doesn’t “touch,” they merely “encounter.” Let’s use all that it in a sentence:

    “I’m going to run my hands up your legs until I encounter resistance.”

    It’s absurd enough for government.

    In other news, I took a train from Union Station in Los Angeles on Friday morning, and the place was full of dudes in “DHS Police” vests, alongside the usual sheriff’s deputies, LAPD officers, and Amtrak police. They were all standing around bullshitting together, in a big multijurisdictional circle jerk. I googled, and learned that “DHS Police” are federal air marshals doing “counterterrorism surveillance.”

    And here I thought it looked like they were just standing around.

    See the power of using the right words?

    • TestJeff Pierce

      I had cut and pasted an excerpt from court documents in one of Jon Corbett’s cases pending against the TSA.

      The filed report by the TSA clerk specifically wrote that he told John that his “groin” would be examined.

      There is legal, documented proof on what the opt-out search entails.

      • Not just “the opt-out search,” but any search by any TSA clerk according to his/her whim.

      • Chris Bray

        That dude didn’t get the euphemisms memo.

    • Susan Richart

      “I’m going to run my hands up your legs until I encounter resistance.”


      “And then I am going to run my hand across your resistance.”

      “And, if you’re really unlucky, I am going to do that 4 times, each leg, front and back.”

      • Chris Bray

        Or, in the case of Thedala Magee, “I’m going to penetrate your resistance.”

        • TSAisTerrorism

          ROTFLMAO! I wonder where Thedala Magee is these days? If I still flew, I’d make a point to go through LAX just to harass her stupid ass on a regular basis.

          • Daisiemae

            What a great game plan! I love your thought processes.

          • TSAisTerrorism

            Well, except it involves flying, and dealing with TSA, at LAX. Otherwise I agree: it’s brilliant!

  • Daisiemae

    One can only hope.