Aaron Tobey reaches settlement with TSA

Aaron Tobey, 4th Amendment crusader, has reached a settlement in his lawsuit against the TSA.

There’s no money involved — alas, since Tobey’s rights were violated and he should be compensated and the TSA should be taught a lesson — but a settlement is a settlement. We wrote about Aaron Tobey most recently in January.

The blue-shirted wonders at Richmond International Airport haveĀ had to go through “training” to recognize that the 1st Amendment is — gasp! — part of the Constitution. (They’re obviously still confused about the 4th.)

Once again, as I said last time, hats off to John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute for taking on Tobey’s case.

Small victory though this is, it still won’t stop the blue-gloved goons from bullying, harassing, or groping you at the airport. That horse is long out of the barn.