Reporter looking for people whose cars have been searched at airport

Last week I posted a story called TSA now searching parked cars at the airport. The incident in question happened at Rochester International Airport. Now a reporter at Mother Jones magazine is looking for other people to whom this has happened, anywhere in the country, for a story she’s working on. If it’s happened to you, or if you know of anyone, please get in touch with Dana Liebelson [email protected]. Thank you.
UPDATE: Here’s Dana Liebelson’s report.

  • Haiz. This search can bring them what they are most known.

  • Robert Hollis Weber

    Why stop there? I say we stop and search any car driving past the airport and anyone who checks into an airport hotel. In fact, I think we should regularly search any home built within a mile of an airport. For that matter, we should regularly search any house anywhere in the country that a plane might fly over.

    Whatever it takes to keep us safe and afraid, I’m all for it.

    • RHW, give them time. The United Sheeple of America would fall right into line.

  • TSAisTerrorism

    Well surprise, surprise! It turns out that TSA’s Bob Burns is a fucking liar:

    • Susan Richart

      Nothing new there…’s SOP at TSA to lie to the public.

  • In response to the car-searching story, on Facebook, my mother suggested people put rat traps in their cars, hidden under the seats, and warned everyone “just don’t forget you put them there”.

    It’s not even as if this would be out-of-the-ordinary: in Florida, rats find their way into garages all the time, and people who have second cars (or “collector cars”) that they don’t drive very often wind up having to choose between traps and letting the critters chew through expensive wiring harnesses and upholstery. (There are less cruel methods, of course, like leaving food out for them or setting “kind” traps.)

    The privacy-invading rodents would have no recourse, but they may well find themselves headed to the ER for sutures and tetanus shots.

  • RonBonner

    Regardless of who ordered the illegal car searches just what are the qualifications of a car valet to conduct a search for WEI?

    Something this stupid has TSA written all over it.

    • For readers unfamiliar with the acronym, WEI stands for weapons, explosives, and incendiaries.

      • LeftoverHuman

        Do you like my new ‘handle?’ Not that I’m a regular here.

        • Well, I don’t know you, so I don’t know what your old handle was. But yes, “LeftoverHuman” is pretty good.

          • LeftoverHuman

            There’s a story behind the change from nveric and Eric Hodgdon and some time spent in involuntary custody at a hospital. There’s nothing remarkable about me, just my being truthful to my fate as a forgotten or leftover man – one who knows no companion or friend. But, I still have HOPE.

  • Svensonon

    The TSA claims they don’t inspect, nor do they mandate that the valet company inspect. But they valet company claims they were told to do so by the TSA.

    Seems the answer to cut this Gordian knot is simple. Sue the valet company for falsely claiming the TSA directed them to search vehicles.

    The valet company will either admit the TSA didn’t order them, in which case they’ll lose; or they’ll show that the TSA did order them, in which case the TSA loses.

    I applaud Mother Jones for looking into this, I just hope it doesn’t end there.

    • Susan Richart

      In one way, the TSA has reason for claiming they don’t inspect the vehicles at ROC: security at ROC is done by a subcontractor so they probably don’t have many actual TSA personnel at that airport at the smurf level.

      Since TSA is required to approve of any and all security plans at airports, ultimately this falls on the TSA.

  • LeftoverHuman

    Did the vehicle make any questionable sounds or movements? Perhaps it looked menacing?

    Thanks Lisa. Please keep us apprised of the latest developments in suspicious vehicles.

    • What if the car were to say that it’s latest top-up of motor oil was “the bomb”? What if the car were strewn with–gasp–CUPCAKE CRUMBS?

    • Dave B

      I suspect the automobile behaviour analyst got suspicous for the following behaviour: driving around in traffic, not driving around in traffic, parking, having gas in the tank, having a battery/radio/windshield wipers, containing change, not being a TSA controlled device, being stationary/moving, not being irradiated enough by VIPR mobile xray vans,….