TSA bikini protest urges passengers to live free

Kelly Voluntaryist is an activist in Keene, New Hampshire. The state motto is “Live Free or Die.” And that’s what Kelly’s doing: ┬áliving free.

Brave gal, she’s doing it alone. But she’s not the first one to try a creative protest like this. A group in Germany did something similar in January 2010. “Bikini Girl” Corinne Theile did it a couple of times in November 2010. Aaron Tobey got arrested for it in March 2011 and is suing. And Furry Girl also famously did it.

But those people were all flying — or trying to — when they protested. Kelly Voluntaryist (an activist moniker) simply showed up at the Manchester airport on a frigid winter day and started handing out flyers. With a perky smile and cheerful demeanor, she informed people of their rights and disputed the TSA’s contention that it should be able to violate them.

You can see the reactions she got in the video. And as the slide early on in the video indicates, “This is obviously a longterm effort. Waking people up who’ve been asleep for decades doesn’t happen overnight.”

I have only word for Kelly: