• LeftoverHuman

    In the 80s/90s there were signs at the check points referring to federal crimes if someone were to say certain things to those doing the screening. I did travel a lot then.

    • I remember the signs; I don’t remember their claiming federal crimes. If you follow the links to lawyer Jonathan Turley’s blog, you’ll see that it’s not true that it’s a crime to joke — about bombs or anything else — at the checkpoint.

  • Dolt

    Basically, any Terrorist worth their weight in jihad would know that you send a patsy through the line first, who proclaims to have some type of weapon in their pocket. TSA will then focus all attention and efforts to the person who makes the bogus claim, while the real threat just breezes on through after him. Like everything else TSA-related, this makes total sense.

  • RonBonner

    Should be a notice that the actual article is offsite. I don’t think “Story here” is enough..

    • All our stories are “offsite.” That’s why links are there. That’s the nature of links.

      • RonBonner

        I just checked over a half dozen past articles posted on TSA News and all had an address pointing to TSA News. This latest article does not have an address pointing to TSA News and that is what I mean by off site.

        Perhaps I fail to understand the difference but I would expect TSA News articles to be on TSA News, not somewhere else on the internet.

        • Sorry, what? The link with the original story cross-posts back to TSA News. I don’t understand what you’re looking at.

          I have cross-posted TSA News stories at other blogs and sites for years — as you already know, since TSA News used to get cross-posted at Travel Underground. It’s mutually beneficial. It helps everyone. It’s a time-honored practice for anyone who understands the blogosphere.

          • RonBonner
          • Ron, with all due respect, what is it you’re complaining about? That this post links to another post on a different blog? That’s done ALL THE TIME. I do it, and have done it here.

            Or is it the notion of cross posting, something bloggers do all the time, that bothers you?

            Perhaps it will allay your concerns to know that we write for free here, and speaking for myself as well as Lisa, I promise you, we don’t derive any advertising income from hits to our personal blogs. We merely want to spread the message–that the TSA is an abusive, out-of-control agency–as widely as possible, so there will be links back and forth. Sometimes the main story will be on this blog, and linked to on my personal blog (or, indeed, cross-posted in toto). Sometimes the original post will be on my blog, and I’ll link to it here. Again, I get no money from it, either way. Rather, I’m trying to expose TSA News to readers of my blog, and, indeed, readers of TSA News to things on my blog, which may or may not interest them, but which can be clicked away from in an instant.

            If the generosity of cross-posting and linking bothers you for some reason (and I honestly can’t get my head around what that might be), there is a great option available to you: start your own blog and institute your own rules. Here’s one place to start.

          • RonBonner

            I wouldn’t call it a complaint.

            I think original content to TSA News should be the articles posted here.

            If original content to other sites is thought to be important or interesting then having a short message with links here pointing to that content is a good thing, but there should be notice that clicking the link is taking a reader to a different website.

            Other sites do pick up TSA News which is also a good thing but an indication of where the material originated is usually made, at least in my experience limited as it is.

            I’m not looking for a pissing contest and just shared my opinion. I didn’t think it was out of line nor controversial.

          • RonBonner

            After taking flak for making a suggestion I notice that the suggestion seems to have been implemented yet no one came back to say thank you or that receiving the beat down was an overreaction by the moderators on this site.
            Here like at TSA if you don’t toe the party line one is made aware quickly.

          • This is the last time I’m going to address this.

            I have been cross-posting entries between TSA News and other sites for years. For the almost two years of TSA News Blog’s existence.

            I do 90% of the writing at TSA News Blog and 100% of the editing. I also have a life. I have work. I don’t always have time to duplicate posts with photos and links in their entirety among different sites. It takes time. I don’t always have that time. When I don’t have time, I will continue to do as I’ve always done, and simply link between places.

            Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Nobody’s forcing anybody else to read anything.

          • Ron, your “suggestion” wasn’t implemented. As Lisa notes, sometimes the original post appears elsewhere, and is linked to here; other times, it appears here, with links to the place(s) it’s crossposted. It has always been thus. You want to be thanked for…what, exactly? Seems to me you’re doing a rather bang-up job of off-topic trolling and conversation derailing. Thank you for reminding me that no comment section is ever really immune from that. There you go: feel the gratitude.