What kind of man? (or woman, for that matter?)

I have posted and reposted this comment all over the place since I first saw it at Time magazine in June of 2011:

Question: What kind of a man knowingly surrenders his own daughter to one of us government workers to be molested, standing by passively even as her private parts are fondled while she screams “Daddy Daddy, please help me!”

Answer: an American man.

I speak only to you men when I say you gutless cowards will be lining up to hand over your wives and daughters in our airports, it will happen hundreds of time each day across our USA. You had better start explaining to your children that we government employees are allowed to touch their private parts whenever we want; it will make the whole thing a lot less dramatic. Seriously, the 1st time is always the worst. The next time you get molested will not feel as disturbing as we accommodate you to our abuses.

(Originally posted at ABombazine.)
  • Markéta Nomma

    Who lets this happen? People who are afraid. I don’t think it’s the fear of terrorists or bombs in this situation. I think it’s much more basic and primal. We fear fire. We’re more comfortable driving because cars rarely burn, even though more of us die behind the wheel than in the air.

    I wish we could discuss this openly. We fear fire so much that we won’t talk about it. Perhaps we think that we’ll jinx ourselves if we bring it up.
    In the past few months there have been four plane crashes in the US that I am aware of. All were accidents. All had fatalities. All had fires. Bullies in uniforms grabbing genitalia could not and would not have prevented this.

    We stand by as the elderly, children, those with medical issues are molested and cry, “Keep me safe!” We’re cowards. And we’re having our fears exploited. But we don’t seem to care.

  • Guest

    I live in France. Can you explain me why Americans do this? I think I don’t want to come to your country.

    • Daisiemae

      Because corporations and their government lackeys are making BIG BIG BIG money from it.

      The government has us by the throat. They have declared us their property. And the government is the property of the corporations.

      It’s all about making more money for the masters and controlling the populace. And then they give us a pacifier and tell us how lucky we are to live in the land of the free.

  • Jack Stinglash

    Unfortunately, you’re right. I think everyone who stands by silently and acquiesces to this treatment should be ashamed.

    • jay rigglesmith

      its hard for the majority of people who fly to do anything other than comply seeing as most of them are traveling for business. and if there’s one person who could give even less shits about your human rights than the government, its your employer.

      The average business traveler cant tell their boss they don’t feel like complying with the TSA so they aren’t going to be flying anymore. The TSA has these people by their income they will never be able to do much more than complain, or find a new job which we all know is no picnic right now esspecially finding one to match the income of a business traveler.

      • Jay, I agree (and have written repeatedly) that people who are forced to fly for work are between a rock and a hard place. I sympathize with them. But that’s not, in fact, most of the travel in/from this country. Most of the travel is discretionary. Most people are flying because they want to, not because they have to.

        If those people would stop flying, just for a few weeks, two months at most, we’d bring the airlines to their knees. Then things would change. But most people aren’t willing to undergo even the most minor inconvenience. They either don’t have the courage of their convictions (I know — I’ve talked to them) or they’d just rather cross their fingers and hope somebody else gets abused instead of themselves. It’s all okay as long as it happens to The Other.

        Regardless, there are other ways to resist besides an economic boycott. I wrote about them here:


        • jay rigglesmith

          That’s interesting, I never would have guessed that. I usually try not to make a habit of stating things I don’t know for a fact; I apologize for that.

          I’ll definitely be refusing the scanner from now on. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of that as being an effective method in the long run.

          • anc1entmar1ner

            Please do refuse the scanner, but go beyond that. Every time you are groped rather than scoped, be sure to send a complaint to TSA. Yes, you will get a form letter in return, but they do keep count. Next, send a message to your congressman, each of your senators, and to the White House. If everyone would do this, the scanners would miraculously disappear.