Death by a thousand cuts – reprise

Last week I posted a letter I’d written to the Oakland County sheriff under the title “Death by a thousand cuts.”¬†Yesterday I received a call from a Lt. Perry, who supervises the errant officer who inappropriately touched me. He started out the conversation with quite the attitude, as in “she did nothing wrong, that’s her job.” When I asked for her to come over and personally apologize, he stated: “That’s not going to happen.”

There was quite a bit of conversation that followed in the same vein, until I said that when and if I ever got jury duty, I would write back stating that since I do not consent to a search, I would not be serving on any jury (since I would be denied building entry.) Well, that simple sentence caused a rather remarkable change of officer attitude.

Perry then said he did not want his office to cause me to not do my civic duty, that he did not want me to feel that I was denied access to any government service, and he gave me his telephone number; he said he would come down personally if I had any problem with a screening officer.

So the lesson here is: you must consent to be searched. All an officer can do at that point is deny you entry. I am truly looking forward to the first case where a judge needs to decide whether due process is being denied without a consent to search. Every case I have ever seen regarding a suspicionless search is that an officer cannot legally compel a voluntary search.

So for any of you who decide that jury duty is not worth the daily security gauntlet, it appears you have quite a large loophole within which to place yourselves.

  • Interesting, I actually don’t have a medical issue, but I do shave my head entirely because I got sick of spending hours and scads of cash on something that got in my face all day. I am female, so bald is unusual, and often people assume I am a cancer patient.

    It just so happens I don’t care for being irradiated at every other turn, so I requested a physical pat down rather than go through that xray machine, brain and all, and security just waived the whole process altogether, ostensibly to spare me the added burden of humiliation along my (nonexistent) illness. I thought that was rather odd and not particularly SECURE if that is what we are actually trying to achieve with this business.

    I think its actually just training us to submit to authority so that we don’t question it as we move into the brave new world of police state and control.

  • Kitten

    Had occasion to meet an elderly relative at the gate a few weeks ago. Everything except the scanner was closed as it was the last flight in. I was waved through the scanner, and stopped and said, “My oncologist has forbidden me to go through that thing.” They opened the metal detector and I walked right on through. First time through Security Theater in over six years, and I wouldn’t have gone through then if I hadn’t known the relative would refuse a wheelchair which was needed if I didn’t insist.

  • rawiron1

    Flew out of Dullas a few weeks ago on my way to China. I refused to bring myself or my son through the body scanner and proceeded to walk through the metal detector. No beep, no wand, no pat-down, no sperm cells x-rayed. TSA didn’t even bat an eye. All the sheep in front and behind mindlessly went right into the scanner. I did notice that the scanner now shows a police chalk outline of your body with any suspicious shapes highlighted and filled in by the screen. No naked image.

    • Enalylius
      Educate yourself. Millimeter Wave needs to rip apart your DNA to get an image.

    • They’re still taking a naked image of you; you just don’t see it. We’ve written about this in the past.

      Regardless, all body scanners, of whatever type, are an invasion of your body and a violation of the 4th Amendment right against unwarranted search.

    • Annapolis2

      If your son appears to be 12 or younger, it is TSA policy not to direct you to the body scanner, but to send both you and your son through metal detector. Because it works the same way if you bring a pet, I’ve been considering investing in a travel hamster.

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  • Deb

    I love this – thank you for a great idea

  • Enaylius

    Good cop bad cop. That man is a two faced jerk. Good job Wendy!

  • milos

    For the first time in my life I am eagerly awaiting my jury duty letter. Thanks so much for this info.

  • Marie Shively

    I have to report for jury duty in 2 weeks and I also have some medical conditions that will set off alarms. If they try to physically search me I will refuse. Thank you for your courage.