TSA story contest — why ridicule is sublime!

Our buddy at Taking Sense Away has a new gambit up his sleeve. And it’s a doozy.

The wonderful “Enjay” has been regaling us with equal parts humor and horror since he started his peek-behind-the-scenes-of-the-TSA blog. He has graciously allowed us to cross-post his entries many times.

And this time, he’s running a contest, with award money, no less. I’ll excerpt the beginning of his latest post here, and you can go over to his place to read the rest:

I’m Paying $550 for TSA-Related Humor

For most of the several years that I worked airport security for the Transportation Security Administration, it felt as though my primary, day-to-day function boiled down to plain old harassment of the flying public, in service of maintaining the illusion of security from terrorism. From the absurdity of forcing a grandmother to remove her sandals before passing through security while allowing her 6-foot-tall, “12-year-old” grandson to keep his boots on, to confiscating a jar of peanut butter from one passenger while allowing another passenger’s knitting needles to glide right through the checkpoint, to ordering toddlers to get inside nude radiation scanners and assume the position. Today, as a former TSA employee, I feel guilty that I was a part of all that for so long.

I was paying my way through college for most of my time at the TSA, and in the depths of a recession, to boot. I clung to the job for dear life, despite my misgivings about the organization’s mission. It’s true, even though I was silently opposed to many of the orders that my superiors at TSA were sending down, nonetheless, I took a paycheck in return, which means that I was being– yes–a hypocrite.

I’m sorry, dear passengers.

Over the past 10 months I have been trying to give back to the public through this site, and now I would like to take that a tiny step further . . . .

Stroll on over to his site to read the rest, including the contest rules. This is going to be so much fun!

(Photo: geishaboy500/Flickr Creative Commons)