Gasp! “Potentially Lethal” Swiss Army Knives Taken On Flight

Let’s get real. You can kill somebody with a pencil, your bandana, or perhaps your glare (if their brats on the plane are under-parented enough).

There’s a bit of hysteria (in the Daily Mail, that is — so there’s that) about “major security claims” being raised after — gasp! — a “reporter boarded a British Airways flight to London carrying five knives — bought in a flight-side airport duty free shop — with blades longer than those used by the 9/11 hijackers.”

Yes, we’re talking little Swiss Army knives, the sort that I’m now forced to carry in my checked bag so I can cut my salami at my destination.

Um, what made 9/11 possible was passenger acquiescence and easy access to the cockpit. Up to that point, we’d always been instructed to cooperate with hijackers.

Now we have reinforced cockpit doors and passengers who know to yell, “Let’s roll” and give some hijacker a beat-down.

Hey, Daily Mail, if you’re going to manufacture a story, try for a little more plausibility.

And hey, DHS numbskulls who have yanked away our 4th Amendment rights simply because people need to, oh, fly to see Grandma, all you’re providing is a government pension for yourself — not anything resembling security. And you’re earning money for violating others people’s rights and sexparts.

If you TSA workers were street hookers, I’d respect you lots more, because at least then the gropings would be consensual and not a sign that we’re now using the Constitution to line the hamster cage.

(Photo by Philip Ide courtesy of the Daily Mail)