When will people get it? Pre-Check doesn’t work

Sigh. We’ve been writing about Pre-Check for two years, explaining again and again and again and again how it works, how it doesn’t, and why it’s a boondoggle. Yet people persist in pretending it’s not.

Today we have yet another article about Pre-Check, detailing the convoluted odyssey of classical pianist Emanuel Ax, who must fly for work (unlike most people in the country). Though he belongs to Pre-Check, it doesn’t help him. Just like it doesn’t help tens of thousands of other people.

Still think that by ponying up protection money you’ll be spared the TSA’s scoping and groping? Then you haven’t been paying attention. For the umpteenth time, Pre-Check doesn’t guarantee anything.

(Photo: Sony Classical)

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  • Susan J. Barretta

    Pre-check as TSA is proposing is a blatant form of discrimination. And even the “haves” are not necessarily immune from the invasive screenings – they’ll just get them faster.

  • Ken

    I look forward every day to getting this email alert on the
    shenanigans, criminality, buffoonery, etc. of the perverts, pedophiles and slime-sucking knuckle-dragging bacteria that has descended upon our air ports like a swarm of mentally arthritic carnivorous “locus-from-hell. “Thank You” to those who make this possible.
    This is a bit off the subject of the parasites, psychos and
    cesspool dwelling bacteria calling “itself” the “TSA” (Totally Sexually Abused) but this artist looks remarkably similar to Ron Oates, a pianist icon of the country music industry.

  • Jack Stinglash

    Thanks for keeping us informed on this stuff. Seems like people are determined to pretend everything is okay and just look the other way.

    • Daisiemae

      Well, we all know that “they” have to do something and there is no alternative, right?

      (Extreme sarcastic eye rolling causing my eyeballs to fall out of my head and roll across the floor. Please don’t step on them before I can retrieve them and put them back.)