Another person finally wakes up to TSA abuse

Hard as it is to believe that people still don’t know what the TSA is doing in this country (“as long as nothing happens to me, it’s all okay!”), I’m always glad to meet a new convert. Even if it means that in order to be converted, that person has to be mistreated him- or herself. Unfortunately, that seems to be the way the world works. As the saying by Livy goes, “Eventus stultorum magister est” — “Fools must be taught by experience.”

Today brings a story at CNN “iReport” from a woman who either hasn’t been flying for the past few years or who hasn’t been paying attention. Regardless, she was bullied by the blue-shirted crusaders at the checkpoint. Unlike Stacey Armato or Peter Greenberg’s editor, this woman’s ordeal didn’t involve breast milk or pouches of baby food; it involved infant formula. She was still punished. Because . . .

Well, just because. Because the TSA can punish at whim.

The woman calls herself “Hannah86.” (Please ignore all the nonsense about carry-on and checked luggage, which she calls a “baggage crisis.” If you have to travel with so much stuff, people, don’t blame the airlines for charging fees. Bring less stuff.) You’ll note that even though Hannah diligently studied the TSA’s own rules about carrying baby formula, the TSA ignored those rules, as they often do.

Here’s her story.

(Photo: brokinhrt2/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Dolt

    Once again, no one can write a post condemning the TSA without qualifying it and punching holes in their own story:

    “I understand the importance of safety, and I appreciate many of the measures that are put into place to ensure our safety.”

    • Dolt, you understand that that’s a quote from the woman in question, not by me?

      Edited to Add: Oops, sorry, wrong thread. I thought you were commenting on the other story I posted a day later about the 3-year-old disabled boy and his mother. As you saw, she’s also something of an “anything for safety” person.

      • Dolt

        Ahh, I used “write a post” referring to this mother’s post on the CNN site. I can see the confusion. But yes, Both of the mothers in these last two stories act as if they are disturbed at first but suddenly snap out of it and go back into the brain-washed drone of “but we NEED this!”

  • Daisiemae

    Baby formula…the beverage of terrorists everywhere!

  • Michael Turcotte

    The translation is a bit off. Closer is The outcome (or event) teaches the fool. Both the event and the verb are masculine. The Livy quote translates as “experience is the school-mistress of fools”

    What needs to happen is a bunch of Fox News “personalities” have to be groped and talk about it on air. That way the screaming crowds will draw a bit more attention.

    • Michael, I understand. But that’s the way it’s commonly translated. As you know, translation isn’t all about literality.

      As for “Fox News personalities,” I wish it were that simple. But plenty of people who self-identify as liberal are just as clueless on this issue.

    • Enaylius

      What makes fox any better or any worse than the other mainstream news outlets? You don’t honestly think nbc, abc, cbs and cnn are any better do you?

    • Michael Turcotte

      My use of Fox to get the word out is because they scream the loudest and longest. And if the “personality” say they are never flying again, their army of brain dead will follow their example.