Security Debrief: Let’s have some fun

There’s a website you might be interested in called Security Debrief. It’s a cheerleader for All Things Security, which, naturally, includes the DHS and TSA. Written and run by the profit-makers who drive so-called security policy in this country, it’s full of encomia to the brave men and women who, apparently, save our lives every today (only we’re too ungrateful to appreciate it) and dire warnings about All Things Terroristy.

I’ve had fun leaving comments there. You might, too. A few examples of their posts are “A Response to ‘The Case for Abolishing DHS‘,” “Sorry, TSA — Some Things Will Never Change,” and “Two Cheers for TSA.”

Go on over and show them some, uh, love.

UPDATE: I just noticed that some comments I’ve left recently have been removed. Wendy Thomson’s comment was also removed. Oh, well, I guess big bad Security Debrief can’t take a little criticism.

UPDATE #2: Notice I just got when I tried to post another comment: “You do not have permission to post on this thread.”

Wow. Pathetic. You can tell that a blog or news site is weak and insecure when its administrators censor comments.

  • If I had to choose between facts and feeling safe and important I’m choosing feeling safe and important…..

  • anc1entmar1ner

    Here’s my comment for “Two Cheers for TSA,” which suggests that TSA has an “interesting” interpretation of the fourth amendment:

    TSA does have an interesting interpretation of the fourth amendment.
    They ignore it completely, routinely trying to push innocent passengers
    into their scanners and punishing those who refuse with an invasive
    patdown that includes groping of the genital area. All of this is done
    with no warrant, no probable cause, no oath or affirmation, and no
    specificity as to what they are looking for, all of which are required
    by the fourth amendment.

    The link is here:
    We’ll see how long my comment remains.

    • Susan Richart

      It’s still there. I posted a comment; perhaps that will goad someone into removing both our comments. “-)

      • I even tried to post under another email account, but they’ve clearly blocked my entire IP address.

  • Enaylius

    How dare you all tell the fear profiteers the truth! Don’t you know your crying about your rights causes stocks to lower and it hurts the economy! Buck up you little cry babies! If I had to choose between facts and feeling safe and important I’m choosing feeling safe and important! My word!

  • Chris Bray

    From the profile of the site’s editor:

    “Justin Hienz is Editor for Security Debrief. Prior to going independent as a ghostwriter and editor, Hienz worked in Adfero Group’s Homeland Security Strategic Communications practice, working with clients on matters such as aviation security, infrastructure protection, homeland security technology and myriad other issues.”

    These are professionals — hysteria is their job. Your comments are shitting on their business model. You’re engaged in discussion; they’re primping for clients. That’s why your comments are vanishing. Would a pimp let you use his blog for anti-prostitution commentary?

    • Thanks, Chris. I can always count on you to cut out the crap! 🙂

      (But still wondering why they let Bill Fisher’s comment stand. He used language way stronger than mine. Maybe they weren’t paying attention when he wrote it 9 months ago.)

      • Chris Bray

        I plan to go back to not noticing their existence, in any case.

    • Susan Richart

      “….hysteria is their job.”

      That particular community never met a threat they didn’t like.

    • Thank you for the comments you have made, is worth thinking.

  • Daisiemae

    I left the following comment to the article Sorry TSA–Some Things Will Never Change:

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Hudson will produce change in this bloated out of control boondoggle (a.k.a. TSA) that has been inflicted on the American public.

    Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in reining in the insane budget of $8 billion per year spent on ridiculous equipment and procedures that have been proven by security experts to be ineffective and even dangerous.

    Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in forcing TSA to follow the law. Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in forcing TSA to follow its own procedures. That alone would be a significant improvement.

    Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in forcing TSA to perform effective background checks (when it performs any background checks at all) and weed out the criminals, perverts, and anti-social misfits that are now rampant in its ranks.

    Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in forcing TSA to be accountable to the American public who pay its bloated salaries.

    Perhaps Mr. Hudson will be successful in ending the discrimination and abuse that is daily heaped upon elderly and disabled Americans by ignorant and abusive TSA personnel.

    Here’s hoping that change in Congressional oversight will indeed be a bad thing for TSA….and a good thing for the American people.

    • Thanks, Daisiemae. Let’s see how long they allow it to stay. I notice Bill Fisher left a comment there 9 months ago that they allowed. Wait’ll they find out he used to write for TSA News. Then poof!

      • Daisiemae

        Interesting tidbit: On My Disqus it shows that you replied to my comment on Security Debrief.

        However, when I click on it, nothing happens.

        Now that’s odd. Usually when I click on that, it takes me right to the person’s reply to my comment.

        Well, of course, I manually went over there, and there’s no reply to my comment whatsoever. I’m assuming you replied to my comment and they either blocked or deleted it.

        What a pathetic little power play! Really sad small people who can only feel important in life by deleting the comments of a faceless person on the internet.

        Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?