Security Debrief: Let’s have some fun

There’s a website you might be interested in called Security Debrief. It’s a cheerleader for All Things Security, which, naturally, includes the DHS and TSA. Written and run by the profit-makers who drive so-called security policy in this country, it’s full of encomia to the brave men and women who, apparently, save our lives every today (only we’re too ungrateful to appreciate it) and dire warnings about All Things Terroristy.

I’ve had fun leaving comments there. You might, too. A few examples of their posts are “A Response to ‘The Case for Abolishing DHS‘,” “Sorry, TSA — Some Things Will Never Change,” and “Two Cheers for TSA.”

Go on over and show them some, uh, love.

UPDATE: I just noticed that some comments I’ve left recently have been removed. Wendy Thomson’s comment was also removed.¬†Oh, well, I guess big bad Security Debrief can’t take a little criticism.

UPDATE #2: Notice I just got when I tried to post another comment: “You do not have permission to post on this thread.”

Wow. Pathetic. You can tell that a blog or news site is weak and insecure when its administrators censor comments.