TSA air marshal taking pix up women’s dresses

Gee, why am I not surprised?

Just another criminal in the already criminal ranks of the TSA.

Adam Joseph Bartsch, a Baltimore-based air marshal, was arrested in Nashville yesterday for taking pictures up women’s dresses. FYI, air marshals are TSA employees.

Well, why not? The TSA does more than just take pictures of women’s privates; they grope women’s — and men’s — privates. So what’s a little more indecency here and there?

Notice that he’s been charged only with “disorderly conduct.” Touch a TSA agent in self-defense and you’ll be charged with assault, a felony. But this guy is charged with a misdemeanor.

These are the people — paid by your tax dollars — charged with keeping you “safe.”

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  • And here’s an idiot in Boston arguing that taking up-skirt photos is his right under the 1st Amendment; once again, you can’t make this stuff up:


  • thajack

    Honestly, I don’t think the air marshal should have been arrested at all. The TSA takes pictures of women’s privates every day as a matter of procedure. In fact, not only do they take pictures of them, they also use their own hands to grope women’s privates without permission. He didn’t really do anything that the other TSA agents didn’t already do to the same women. The only difference is that he did it in a different spot in the airport.

  • “Disorderly conduct”? Excuse me?

    How about criminal trespass, felony voyeurism, criminal invasion of privacy? Unbelievable.

    • Michael Turcotte

      Professional courtesy, one LEO to another.

  • Michael Turcotte

    Most states do not have a specific statue against upskirting. This was all the rage in 2000 then quietly went away before any bills got too far.

    • It didn’t go away. There are entire websites devoted to it.

    • Enaylius

      Research your porn gramps. This kind of fetish shit didn’t go anywhere

    • Michael Turcotte

      I know it didn’t go away, the news stopped covering it. Most of the people with the original cell cameras and cheap digital cameras stopped doing it. Like everything else that was All the RageĀ®, it only exists now for the people who look for it. Most people don’t know what upskirting is.