• Here are two comments among the many that were left at the NYT article:

    COMMENT: For 17 flights in a row. I had to undergo the demeaning extra-check in procedure. Finally had a public meltdown, at gate check in Iowa City, and demanded to know WHY I was continually harassed. Gate personnel took pity on me and suggested some reasons for my mistreatment. Took the issue further and via e-correspondence with the TSA concluded that it was taking a flight from Washington D.C. to Atlanta, GA, my hometown, in the fall of 2002, that had caused the problem, Two days before, my husband and I had rented a big car, one way, to drive our youngest to college in D.C. with all his stuff. Making that one-way Delta reservation to return home doomed me.

    COMMENT: I fly today only when urgent. TSA’s abusive tactics make me ill. From holding hostage of my possessions untilI I “cooperate” (who wouldn’t do whatever told while helplessly watching their laptop, phone and wallet sail out of view), to the sick physical touching and unknown effects of the backscatter xray and now millimeter wave scanners- the unprecedented personal invasions we now allow by this rogue agency are an undoing of 200 years of social mores. And now here we go again. How about they just place cameras in our bedrooms while we pack?

    By the way, TSA’s implementation on touching and naked scanning happened Fall 2010, w/o one national conversation! Groping of breasts, genitalia, surgical scars, prosthetics, feeding tubes; hands placed INSIDE waistbands, ‘back rooms’ for even more invasive searches etc (performed not by trained medics but seeming know-nothings) just somehow began w/o explanation 9 years post-911 — a period during which metal detectors had sufficed and laying of actual hands upon travelers was still unthinkable.

    Yet Americans walked right along in lockstep, “anything for safety.” They likely will again now too.

    Never mind that not 1 independent security pro on this planet supports it. Considering all the airport employees w/ all-access; well-documented TSA and employee theft, and that all cargo is not screened, I wonder why the public is put through humiliating, time-consuming exercises when so much of the every airport is just plain porous.

  • Susan Richart

    This article has hit a nerve on the TSA Blog and Bob is trying to defend against it without even mentioning the NY Times article.


    I’ve now posted two comments which reference the Times article with links. One that I wrote earlier this a.m. before Bob posted the linked thread as yet to appear. I wonder if my second one will appear, in which I also mention the Comment Period on expansion of Secure Flight, which this is all about..

    • Ha! So Bloghdad Bob is back after his furlough. Lucky us. I see there are only 5 comment there so far. Often there can be up to 100. Looks like the censorship brigade is doing double-duty! (As I’ve written before, I long ago stopped trying to comment there, because only once did they allow a comment to post, one wherein I said, “I wonder if this comment will be allowed to post.”)

      • Susan Richart

        Actually, Lisa, another person more observant than I pointed out that there was no name attached to the article, which I find quite interesting.

        I assume it was a piece prepared in advance for publication on the same day the NY Times article appeared.

  • Jack Stinglash

    The stars and stripes certainly are being tarnished. Thanks for keeping us informed (though I like the account at your blog very much, I’m sorry you couldn’t also print it here — I guess the language was considered off-color?).

  • frostysnowman

    Just wondering whether anyone has read the article on Huffington Post, written by a Norwegian (I think) citizen who tried to come to the US via train through NY state. He was refused entry after being removed from the train, put through hours of questioning, and having all of his suitcases and electronic items searched. The border patrol refused him entry because he’d been to Yemen and some other “questionable” places. He says he’ll never come to the USA again. Can’t say I blame him for feeling that way. Things like this, the TSA, etc., are keeping tourists away from our country and damaging our reputation abroad, on top of the way we violate our own citizens.

  • Susan Richart

    My comment to the NY Times:

    “This article needed to be on the front page of the Times for all the world to see, not tucked into the Business section.

    I have given up travel by air because of the TSA and its humiliating and degrading methods of passenger screening.

    A dispute with a TSA screener or airline personnel means disqualification for Pre-Check? I have no doubt that I would ever be granted Pre-Check status should I ever decide to travel by air again as I have been an extremely vocal critic of the TSA both at this newspaper and others, on various forums and blogs and with the agency itself.

    The invasions of privacy by the TSA are even worse than the NSA’s,
    especially if TSA is sharing information with debt collection agencies.

    All this is made even worse because the TSA let slip just recently in certain court documents that:

    ““As of mid-2011, terrorist threat groups present in the Homeland
    are not known to be actively plotting against civil aviation targets or
    airports; instead, their focus is on fundraising, recruiting, and
    propagandizing . . . there have been no attempted domestic hijackings of any kind in the 12 years since 9/11.”

    A despicable agency that needs to be dissolved.”


    The article actually was linked on the front page.

    • Susan Richart

      Blowing my own horn here: #7 in Top Reader Picks!!!!

      • Daisiemae

        You go girl!