TSA announcements about jokes — still bogus

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I don’t care how many times the TSA tries to refute it with their lies:

There is no law saying you can’t crack a joke at the checkpoint.

There is no law saying you can’t crack a joke at the checkpoint.

The TSA constantly tries to intimidate people by claiming that there is such a law, but in fact, there isn’t.

Their little announcements, now being blared over loudspeakers, don’t change the facts. Such announcements are great, however, for compelling obedience. Just as is their little game telling you to freeze. If you don’t recognize the Orwellian nature of this, something’s wrong.

When even the TSA agents themselves admit that what they’re doing is merely window-dressing, how can you continue to believe that they’re keeping you safe?

Really, how much more proof do you need? I want to know. I’ve been asking this question for years. Yet the security cheerleaders and TSA apologists never answer it.

If The Terrorists Are Everywhere, why aren’t bombs going off left and right in all sorts of places in the country where there are no metal detectors, strip-search scanners, groping hands, or barking clerks? Hello??

(Photo: harrymaxm/Flick Creative Commons)

  • Annapolis2

    I would never be tempted to joke at a TSA checkpoint. Those thugs and their violations of human dignity and natural rights are truly frightening. To watch innocent people submit to such humiliations is like watching my country and its ideals crushed before my very eyes. How could anyone find any of this travesty funny?

  • davidgilmore

    will have to keep this in mind when I’m actually in a good enough mood at the airport to crack a joke. And also will keep in mind that if someone yells freeze at me, I can just pretend I didn’t hear it.