TSA: Physician, heal thyself

The TSA is ostensibly charged with keeping us safe. With providing security.

But as it happens, the TSA’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia is embarrassingly insecure. According to a report filed by the
Arlington Patch, two men walked into the PenFed credit union branch located at TSA headquarters and demanded money. No weapons were used, and their getaway car was a local taxi.

If we are to believe that the TSA can protect commercial aviation, our private data, or any of the other transportation systems into which they greedily stick their unwelcome business, then maybe they should do a better job of securing their own business. You know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It turns out that the TSA is woefully incapable of securing anything.

Every time you think this farce can’t get any more laughable, it does. Maybe it’s time to take the term Security Theater, and update it to Security Circus, because, let’s face it, if the TSA can’t protect its own data, or even its own credit union, then maybe we should admit that the TSA can’t protect anything.

(Graphic: Google Maps)