Something to be grateful for: Bikini Girl is back

Here’s something to be grateful for on the American Thanksgiving holiday: Bikini Girl is back.

Corinne Theile, dubbed Bikini Girl, made headlines last year when she stripped down to a bikini to protest the TSA’s invasive new searches. British media reports she’s making a comeback.

Theile refuses to use the TSA’s body scanners, which she believes are dangerous. And she’s reluctant to undergo the alternative, which is a pat-down, because they are often performed incorrectly by TSA officers. She prefers to reduce the amount of clothing she wears through a checkpoint — ergo the bikini.

She’s reportedly worn her swimsuit on seven flights over the past 12 months to protest the TSA’s screening methods — so technically, she hasn’t gone away. But the one-year-anniversary of her protest is sure to bring her (sorry about this) more exposure.

Theile isn’t the first passenger to strip in protest.

Aaron Tobey, a University of Cincinnati student, removed his shirt before walking through an airport checkpoint. He had an abbreviated version of the Fourth Amendment written on his chest. He was briefly detained and later sued the TSA.

Bikini Girl vows to continue her protest, which so far has drawn only “smiles” from TSA agents.

“If I’m 80 and I can go through security in a bikini,” she says, “I’ll do it.”