59% of Americans want to arm the TSA

Proving once again that you can’t underestimate the stupidity of the American public, over half of citizens polled favor putting guns in the hands of TSA agents.

The results of this poll were just published at Reason:

A month following the fatal shooting of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer at Los Angeles International Airport, a majority of Americans, 59 percent, say that TSA agents in airports should carry guns. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed believe TSA agents should not be armed.

Furthermore, since people are still hiding behind the false dichotomy of left/right, liberal/conservative, Dem/Repub, you should know that adherents of both political parties are equally witless:

Nearly two thirds of both Republicans and Democrats favor arming TSA agents. Support declines somewhat among non-partisan independents (51 percent favor) and Republican-leaning independents (50 percent favor).  While 3 in 10 Democrats and Republicans oppose the TSA carrying guns, 4 in 10 independents agree. The only political group in which a majority (56 percent) oppose arming TSA agents are self-identified libertarians.

Maybe we could arm them with 2-inch sock monkey guns, thus matching the intelligence of TSA employees with that of the general public. Fair’s fair.

(Graphic: QuotesEverlasting via Flickr Creative Commons)

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  • Pat Downe

    You can’t underestimate the stupidity of the poll either. My guess is that most people think TSA agents are law enforcement. A more accurate classification for agents is unskilled labor.

  • Susan J. Barretta

    If this is an accurate poll – all the more reason to avoid my fellow Americans as much as possible.

  • Chris Bray

    I strongly favor arming TSA officers — imagine how many would accidentally shoot themselves in the first month alone. Also, we should have more VIPR teams on highways, at bus stops, and in rail stations, and they should be armed to the teeth. And since TSA officers are inevitably going to make a complete, disastrous mess of being armed, they should be into made law enforcement officers, so they receive more training, have more power, and can make a bigger nuisance of themselves. Let the ratchet effect rule: all government failures must result in more government power.

    I mean, fuck it: set a course for the sun, and let’s give America the Keystone Stasi it wants. We appear to be dumb enough to deserve it. Gradually we’ll have the East German experience we somehow yearn for, and what a powerful lesson it will be.

    • Chris Bray

      Also, TERRORISM!!!!!!!!

    • Dolt

      As long as I FEEL safe, I’m all for it.

    • drumbabe

      If we are lucky, they will shoot each other .

  • Robert Hollis Weber

    Dear God. I was thinking the other day that we haven’t had a rash of stories about TSA sexual assault on toddlers/the disabled/the elderly lately. I was moved to hope that they finally had that under control–four (five?) years after the patdowns began. So if we can just weather four or five years of TSA-Mall-Cop-Shoots-Passenger-Armed-With-Banana stories, we’ll be in the clear.

    • 1amWendy

      I think only because a lot of us have given up attempting commercial flight, Robert. That, and others have alarmingly become inured to the egregious assault.

    • Agree with Wendy. And as I’ve said so many times, most accounts of assault get told only to family & friends. Most people don’t have a reporter standing by to tell their stories.

      (The gropes began nationwide on October 30, 2010. They were “tested” first in two markets — Boston and Las Vegas — starting in January 2010. Since people didn’t resist, they were implemented nationwide.)

    • Daisiemae

      In this age of terrorism, any passenger who carries a banana gets what he deserves! Out of an abundance of caution, all passengers carrying bananas should be shot on sight.

      • Dolt

        This sounds like an absurd joke to us, but this is the exact arugemt the appologists used against people arrested for wearing a watch, telling a joke, asking questions or wanting their medicine.

  • marlee s

    Well, the budget deal
    will hike the aviation security fee paid by air travelers by 124
    That will help buy the weapons.