TSA supervisor in Charlotte fired for theft

Nisha A
Well, here we go again. More theft by a TSA employee, this time a supervisor, no less. But theft by TSA clerks is nothing new. Just click the “theft” tag at the bottom of this post or plug the word into the Search Box at the left to bring up a slew of examples. And these are only the ones we’ve found out about. Logic dictates that there are many more.

We don’t know the name of the miscreant yet, but according to this article in the Charlotte Observer, he was fired from his position with the TSA at Charlotte Douglas Interntional Airport in North Carolina.

Two people with knowledge of the incident told the Observer that the supervisor was accused of taking electronic items from the lost-and-found at Charlotte Douglas.

We get, of course, the usual verbiage that’s trotted out every time one of the blue-shirted wonders commits a crime: “TSA has zero tolerance for _________.” Fill in the blank.

Yet that for which the agency supposdly has zero tolerance continues to happen. Again and again and again

And what does the TSA’s fearless leader have to say about it?

“If one person steals, it gives the entire agency a black eye,” Pistole said.

Mr. Pistole, your agency is one big black eye.

(Photo: Nisha A/Flickr Creative Commons)