TSA says “jump,” press says “how high?”

Virtually every day we get another fawning, sycophantic TSA article from a credulous media. This time it’s courtesy of Forbes.

But then, Forbes has a history of propagandizing on behalf of the TSA. The title of the current article is “Why Are We Still Bringing Guns to Airports?” I think it’s a sensible question. But contributor Larry Olmsted doesn’t come to sensible conclusions.

Instead, he writes a paean to the TSA that begins with the usual round-up of all the Big Scary Terroristy Stuff the TSA has confiscated, lifted straight from the TSA’s blog, proceeds in the middle to deride concerns about privacy with his scare quotes — ‘”intrusive” scans’ — and ends with this statement:

All of this is a reminder that when we stand on those lines and take off our shoes off there is a reason, and if you read the 2013 TSA report, you will see there is a reason pretty much every day, at airports big and small, from Atlanta to Alaska.

Look, I’m not a fan of weapons. I don’t think people should be running around with guns. I know lots of people disagree with me and I’m not going to get into a gun control argument. That’s not the purpose of this blog. I think if you do have a gun, however, and you show up at an airport with it, you’re kind of an idiot. But c’est la vie. Idiocy is not a crime.

The problem is that Olmsted doesn’t bring any skepticism to bear on the TSA’s claims that its employees are saving us all from certain disaster. He, like so many Americans, falls for the TSA’s weekly round-up hook, line, and sinker.

So let me take a stab at answering the question.

Why are people still bringing these things on board? You mean, besides forgetfulness?

Maybe because they know the TSA is populated by incompetents and goons, and they (the passengers) just want to get one over on them (the TSA agents)?

Maybe because the TSA is so busy sticking its hands down people’s pants and stealing laptops and money and terrorist shampoo and terrorist cupcakes that it routinely misses all the Big Scary Terroristy Stuff it’s supposed to be confiscating, as its own Red Teams have found repeatedly? And yet, even though the TSA is letting all kinds of Big Scary Terroristy Stuff through, still, mirabile dictu, planes haven’t been blown out of the sky left and right.

Maybe because all the Big Scary Terroristy Stuff the TSA crows about is metal, and metal is detected by . . . duh . . . metal detectors, thus rendering pointless the little security charade of scans and gropes?

Maybe because none of those Big Scary Terroristy things could bring down a plane anyway?

Just a thought.