TSA in damage control mode (yet again)

By now, I imagine most of you have read the Politico article written by Jason Edward Harrington, former TSA screener and humorous author of Taking Sense Away.

Harrington’s “coming out” article has received significant press — enough to merit a TSA response. Of course, that response is predictable, eschewing what Harrington alleges and nauseatingly spouting the “respect and dignity” phrase that attempts to dismiss in three little words the experiences of millions of travelers. I have half a mind to send that to Lake Superior State University for nomination to their annual “Banned Words” list.

As co-founder of FTTUSA (Freedom to Travel USA), I penned a response to the TSA blog author, TSA Assistant Administrator LuAnn Canipe:

Ms. Canipe, part of me feels sorry that you need to spew basically untrue facts on behalf of your employer, but then, that is your job. I understand that, although I cannot believe you can sleep well at night.

Let me tell you that from my personal experiences, you are totally wrong in your characterization. Your organization routinely abuses the traveling public, especially those who require medical devices to join society to their fullest capacity. There is something terribly wrong when an innocent citizen must choose between their rights under ADA, HIPAA, or the 4th Amendment. If you really think that your screeners treat us with “dignity and respect,” you are flatly wrong. If you think that somehow there is a correlation between a person needing medical devices and a terrorist threat, you are flatly wrong. If you think that is is sound policy to spend all of our — the taxpayers’ money — singling out the infirm, you are flatly wrong.

Most importantly, if you really think that it is sound policy to be throwing all of this money at a threat that has been proven to be existentially infinitesimal, you are simply not of sound judgment. If you desire to inform yourself of the mathematical science behind my statements of risk presented, I encourage you to visit our website at fttusa.org, or read the conclusions of Sommer Gentry, PhD, associate professor, Department of Mathematics, US Naval Academy.

You should really be ashamed of yourself for spouting “the party line” in the face of so much evidence to the contrary.

By the way, if you feel so inclined, Canipe’s email is [email protected].