TSA bans carry-on liquids (and more) on Russia-bound flights

Headed to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics? Better dump out the carefully calibrated toiletries in your carry-on bag and start over, as the TSA has just banned them — in any quantity — thanks to DHS concerns about Terrorist Toothpaste Bombs:

The Transportation Security Administration is temporarily banning all liquids from carry-on luggage on nonstop flights between the U.S. and Russia after the Department of Homeland Security warned terrorists may try to smuggle explosives aboard in toothpaste tubes ahead of the Sochi Olympics.

The TSA said Thursday it was banning all liquids, gels, aerosols, and powders from the flights.

The DHS warning Wednesday said terrorists might try to assemble an explosive device in flight or upon arrival at the Olympics.

The DHS said in its statement the U.S. isn’t aware of a specific threat to the homeland, but “will continue to respond and appropriately adapt to protect the American people from an ever evolving threat picture.”

So: there is no “specific threat to the homeland” (meaning the United States, although one could be forgiven for thinking they meant one of the former Eastern Bloc countries), yet at the same time, there is some kind of threat in the form of carry-on bags full of Toothpaste Bombs–and, seemingly, Mouthwash Bombs, Deodorant Bombs, Hairspray Bombs, and Baby Powder Bombs — taken aboard planes that depart from, ahem, the same homeland.

Not that the notions of logic, reason, or sanity ever enter into it.