TSA detains Lena Dunham, confiscates Terroristy Kitty keychain

The TSA once again illegally detained someone just trying to go about her business. The fact that the “someone” happens to be famous is irrelevant, except perhaps to those who are into celebrities. The salient point is that the TSA abuses people with impunity.

This time the victim was HBO star Lena Dunham. She was carrying a Super Scary Terroristy Kitty Cat Keychain. The TSA, ever-vigilant, pounced.

But it wasn’t enough that they found the Terrorist Keychain; no, they also detained her. And called the police.

Yes, dear reader, they summoned the police because of a keychain.

Since Dunham has a wicked sense of humor, she was able to make light of the situation and apply logic at the same time. But as we know, the TSA doesn’t respond to logic:

“If it really was a weapon, I wouldn’t use it as a keychain,” Dunham said she repeatedly told the agents. “If I was really trying to shiv somebody on the plane, I wouldn’t have attached this to like the keys to my gym locker and stuck it in my purse for everyone to see.”

As we also know, the TSA delights in humiliating people, especially famous people. If they get off on their little power trips with us ordinary schmucks, imagine how much more they get off on it with celebrities.

I will not stop repeating what I’ve said a thousand times: every person who defends this indefensible agency deserves what he gets, and, to paraphrase H. L. Mencken, I hope he gets it good and hard.

(Photo credit: Seth Meyers’ Twitter feed)