Person claiming to be from TSA threatens videographer

It’s a truism that bureaucrats have no sense of humor. (If you doubt this, you’ve missed the boat somewhere along the way; but perhaps you can still learn. To wit.)

A gadfly named Kelly Blackwood hosts a YouTube channel called Off The Hook Television. He posts videos on everything from Frank Zappa to South Park to police to the TSA. Some of his videos are straightforward recordings of actual events; others are manufactured parodies. And it’s the latter that has apparently gotten him in trouble with someone purporting to be from the TSA.

Blackwood posted a rap video making fun of the TSA. This did not sit well with a certain someone who identifes himself¬†only as “John from the TSA.” I doubt “John” is acting in any official capacity, though who knows? More likely he’s some low-level functionary who took it upon himself to defend his fellow gropers and stalkers.

“John” calls Blackwood and berates him for posting such an offensive piece of video creativity:

“Why would you do such a video comparing our hard workers to Nazis and Adolf Hitler? Our workers are being portrayed as criminals when they’re here to protect us from terrorists.”

Blackwood snorts at this assertion, among others, and flings accusations back at John. John tells Blackwood he’d better take the video down. Then he gets testy:

“We’re prepared to take action if you don’t comply. If you don’t comply, they’re going to take some serious action.¬†You can consider your name flagged when traveling the airways.”

Ooh. “Some serious action”!

Someone better tell John that, despite his huffing and puffing, the TSA has no control over the No-Fly List. The FBI does. You’d think that if he were a TSA employee he’d know that.

Regardless, John continues to badger Blackwood, and Blackwood ends up by telling him to “go to hell” (as well as to engage in another self-directed activity).