Mess with the taxpayer-paid stupids at DHS

There’s a sidebar to the Daily Mail piece I linked on the catatonically stupid drooling morons at the Department of Homeland Security who deported British tourists for supposedly dangerous tweets (one of which is ripped from Family Guy). On that sidebar, there’s a list of all the words that get your tweets flagged by DHS, (as if that’s a form of security!).

I recommend that you all use as many of these words as possible in your tweets (and then whore for retweets by all your followers) in hopes of making it less possible for government-employed morons to inflict their tiny minds on visitors to this country in the name of “security”:

The DHS no-no words include:

Illegal immigrant
Human to animal

I had a hard time fitting them all into a single tweet in any coherent and slightly amusing manner, so I’ve split them into two. I hope you’ll all tweet them, those of you who have twitter accounts, or retweet my tweets (@amyalkon).

And the more, the merrier! Make idiotic invasions of privacy and ridiculous bullying of the state too hard for the dim government functionaries to accomplish!

My two tweets:

We’ve had an illegal immigrant outbreak of human to animal cheerleader squad drills, with a few naked guys wearing a Trojan.

Sex exhaustion virus caused a collapse, deaths, and a total strain on credulity. (Cheerleaders! Away from those goats!)

I know…easy barnyard animal joke. I’m so ashamed. Sort of.

(Photo: Candie_N/Flickr)