TSA propaganda never lets up

We here at TSA News are used to the steady stream of propaganda put out by the TSA and its spokespeople (all paid for by our tax dollars, I might add). John Pistole, Nico Melendez, Lisa Farbstein, Kip Hawley, David Castelveter, John Halinski, Kawika Riley, LuAnn Canipe, Blogger Bob, on and on — there’s a veritable army of them. You can search their names at this blog and find the various things they’ve written and we’ve written about them.

Well, add one more to the list: Karen R. Burke. She’s flacking her PR pap at the Las Vegas Review Journal, in a Letter to the Editor that mimics, sometimes verbatim, the talking points of her boss, Molester-in-Chief John Pistole. The “gold standard” howler is a particular favorite (we took that one apart here).

There are, as of this writing, 181 comments at the PR piece, many but not all of them attacking Burke and her defense of the indefensible. You’ll notice that one guy named Jerry Sturdivant seems to be Burke’s comrade in arms — he’s full of sound and fury, and short on facts. But then, as I keep having to point out, facts don’t matter.

If you’re in the mood, go on over and join the fray.

(Graphic courtesy of Swampy Acres Farm Blog)