TSA wants guns — can the OK corral be far behind?

Oh, well. I was trying to avoid writing about this because it’s so idiotic, and because the official report is, predictably, so long and turgid and full of asinine acronyms and bumbling bureaucrat-speak. But since it’s being reported all over the news, I guess have to.

Confession: I haven’t gotten through the whole report. It’s 25 pages long, including nifty diagrams, and is tarted up with the aforementioned eyeroll-inducing tricks, but I did read some of it and scanned most of it. I leave it to those of you with stronger stomachs and longer attention spans to tackle the whole thing.

I’m talking about the latest report from the TSA on the shooting at LAX last year, where a mentally disturbed man named Paul Ciancia hauled off and started shooting TSA agents, killing one of them. The official report calls for more armed law enforcement officers at airport checkpoints. The TSA union, however, wants TSA clerks themselves to be armed.

Oh, goody! So then the TSA could shoot people after it feels them up. What could go wrong?

Then again, 59% of the American public also wants the TSA armed, proving once again that we are a nation of idiots.

The report is ripe for ridicule (“IPT” and “Run, Hide, Fight” are two of my favorites). Maybe our buddy Chris Bray can do the honors. I don’t have the energy.