Scott Rickard: TSA’s “horrific civil rights violations”

Being a civil liberties watchdog can be a lonely slog. Though we know that there are millions of people around the country who get it — meaning they understand that the TSA is security theater — they don’t have the powerful voice that the mainstream press has. Nor, of course, that the TSA itself has. So we cheer when somebody else comes along who points out the TSA’s abusive farce.

Former U.S. intelligence analyst and linguist Scott Rickard was asked recently by Press TV about the TSA’s expanding presence:

The TSA is “unfortunately expanding its horrific violations on American civil rights as well as American constitutional rights. You have an organization that was born post-9/11 that has really become one the many Stasi-type organizations that operates outside of the Americans’ civil liberties. The freedom in the United States has been under attack for decades, but certainly for the last 20 years it’s escalated.

“There is no accountability and there certainly is no one regulating the TSA. They operate pretty much on their own as another security service much like the FBI . . . and it’s just an expansion of the police state that we’ve seen occurring in the United States over the last half-century.”

Rickard also calls out former DHS chief Michael Chertoff for his conflict of interest in promoting the expensive, highly fallible strip-search scanners, all of which we’ve written about at TSA News many times.

You can listen to the interview, about 4 minutes long, at the PressTV link.