TSA adds new thefts to its growing rap sheet

In addition to all the other accounts of TSA theft outlined in this document, we have a few new ones to add to the list.

First, in Newark, eight TSA agents have been suspended for sleeping on the job. According this account, another is likely to be fired for improperly screening baggage. Newark has had its share of problems in the past,with other TSA screeners stealing and taking bribes.

Meanwhile, another TSA agent was arrested at Dallas/Forth Worth for stealing iPads. He’s now on “administrative leave,” which presumably means he’s still collecting a paycheck.

I wonder if he got any tips from the TSA agent in Florida who stole electronics from passengers and then sold them on Craig’s List, about $50,000 worth over the years.

For every one of these we find out about, there are how many that we don’t? Not to worry. After all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you!

(Photo: TheGiantVermin/Flickr)