Derailment Bingo: TSA Abuse Edition

Have you noticed that comment board trolls are, well, repetitive and boring as they try to derail conversations about the abuse that TSA metes out to its victims? The next time you have to wade through a comment section full of TSA cheerleaders trying to score points by shouting “9/11″ in response to the latest child molestation video or strip-search outrage, take along our handy bingo board! 

Hat tip for the idea goes to for posting this lovely bingo card of derailment tactics for people defending sexist and harassing behavior. I even appropriated a few of the entries — because all these people defending the indefensible sound pretty much alike after a while.

Here’s a pdf version of Derailment Bingo in case you’d like to print it out and play at home!

derailment bingo