Be afraid, be very afraid! TSA (and its ilk) to the rescue!

Well, I’m finally back from three weeks away. Judging by the lack of posts here, I guess it was a quiet time on the TSA front. 

Though not anymore.

In the never-ending quest of our overlords to ramp up the fear factor, a method of exerting control over a populace from time immemorial, we now have the latest Big Scary Terroristy Threat to consider. And just in case you don’t realize how serious it is, the media is standing by with screaming headlines to remind you. A sampling:

Holiday chaos as new terror plot sparks fears of extra checks at airports

Fears terrorists will target planes with computer and human bombs

Flights to U.S. Face Scrutiny After Threats Are Reported

Airports tighten security checks amid escalating fears of terrorist threats

Holiday chaos looms in air terror alert: Hunt for “invisible bomb” maker who has already turned his own brother into a suicide bomber

UK tightens security over fear of smuggled “UNDETECTABLE bomb” created by Muslim fanatics

(Hey, geniuses, if it’s “undetecable,” then how the hell are more intense searches going to detect it??)

Anyway, the gist, from the NYTimes, is this:

The Department of Homeland Security has tightened passenger screening on many United States-bound flights from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in response to intelligence reports of an increased threat from Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, officials said Wednesday.

The heightened efforts will be carried out at about 15 airports overseas but not in the United States, the officials said. The Department of Homeland Security has provided intelligence and information about the new security measures to airlines and foreign governments. It did not provide details.

Foreign airports have to meet a series of requirements from the department and the Transportation Security Administration for the screening of cargo and passengers on United States-bound flights. The United States helps perform passenger screening at some airports.

I saw all this firsthand yesterday, as I was at Heathrow in London waiting to fly back to the U.S. I had gone to Europe three weeks ago on the Queen Mary 2, the transatlantic ocean liner; it’s now the only way I can travel abroad since I refuse to fly in/from the U.S. because of the abusive thugs of the TSA. I’ve never had a problem flying in/from other countries. But all of that is about to change.

Thanks to the relentless hysteria (of our own making in more ways than one) over terrorism, other countries have started to buckle under to U.S. demands. The U.K., a lapdog to the U.S. for years, fell right into line.

As it happened, my husband and I were approached by a reporter yesterday. Boy, did he get an earful. His name is Ryan Wilkinson. He writes for a wire service, which is why his report was picked up and rewritten at UK newspapers under other by-lines. You can see the quotes attributed to me in those articles at the links above.

Luckily, my husband and I simply went through the metal detectors We didn’t even remove shoes or belt (nor did I reveal the many little bottles and tubes of liquid cosmetics I was carrying — I never tell security figures about those — I learned my lesson years ago when they all got thrown away by TSA clowns). But I witnessed several “pat-downs” and much phony swabbing for explosives, including on a baby stroller (called a “pushchair” in British English). By the way, I saw no strip-search scanners. The “scanners” mentioned in the articles must be referring to the standard x-ray belt machine.

Some of the pat-downs are now full-scale TSA-style gropes. This is completely different from what was going on just a year ago, when I also passed through Heathrow. It’s clear that the American TSA is now calling the shots for foreign governments. Unbelievable to me that other countries are putting up with this crap. As I’ve reported before, this buckling-under isn’t entirely new. But it’s getting worse.

Tell me something — if “body-bombs” are really in the offing, why aren’t we all getting cavity searches?? Hello??

After all, can’t be too safe! Rather undergo “a little inconvenience” than get blown up! Better to get touched than never to get to your destination at all! Because . . . Terrorism!

(Photo by David Dyson)

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  • Dolt

    The thing that all the boot-lickers can’t comprehend is that THEY are the terrorists. TSA, DHS and the flag waving dipshits who support them “for safety” are the actual terrorists. The forgien terrorists have accomplished beyond their wildest imaginations what they thought possible. All that needs to happen is a verbal threat from some group overseas and the American Terror Machine kicks right into gear. Why would actual terrorists need to bother with anything anymore? They just make up a story “Yes, we are working on a cloak that will make one of our men invisible and we will equip him with a jet pack…..”, The US Government will take it from there.

    On the other point, the fact that the USA is now pushing this crap onto other countries, to me, means the end to it all may be closer. Not in a good way, mind you. I have always said that historically, Empirical Tyranny is never stopped from within. It is always another government, or groups of governments, who get together and stop the over-reach and abuse of power-mad Empires.

    • Agree with all but the last paragraph. The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union — all were done from within. Thanks to activists from within.

      I don’t pretend that we’ll win in my lifetime; I don’t know, but I’m not particularly sanguine. I do know that resistance is essential, always. That at least I’m going to go down fighting. And I’m not alone. There are tens of thousands of activists in this country who are fighting the powers-that-be and winning.

      Every time the govt comes down harder on some act of resistance, it’s a sign that they’re scared. That’s why they cracked down so hard on the Occupy movement, that’s why they passed the nightmare-ish NDAA, that’s why they jailed Cecily McMillan and Tim DeChristopher and Barrett Brown, that’s why they’re demonizing Edward Snowden, that’s why they’re restricting our rights more and more all the time. It’s a direct response to the success of resistance movements.

      If you need a little jolt of hope — and I’m the first to admit I need it all the time, and it rarely helps — take a look at the panoply of activists here:

  • Jack Stinglash

    It pains me greatly that my country has now joined in on this absurdity. The whole world has gone mad.

  • RonBonner

    My next trip later this month is going to be by car. Dallas to Fort Lauderdale. Yes I will spend a night on the road each way, well a couple of nights at Beau Rivage, but I won’t be going through a TSA checkpoint, can take all the LGA’s I want, and I believe I will be more relaxed coming and going. Heck I may even take my loaded pistol in my carry on.

    Good to see you safely back, Lisa.

  • Dannielle Romeo

    Apparently the new terrorist threat includes body cavity searched because thats what the bitch who groped me last weekend did. Through the dress past the unmentionable and right where her fingersbdid NOT belong.

    • Susan Richart

      You are saying that she moved your underwear aside to put her finger in your vagina? Did you file a complaint?

    • Annapolis2

      I am so sorry to hear about how you were assaulted. You did not deserve to be treated this way. No one does. The criminal who violated you belongs in jail, and I do hope you will pursue a complaint to all of the authorities who might be able to stop this predator. It’s obvious that violent thugs are attracted to working for these fake security theater agencies where they can attack people under color of authority.

      A TSA lackey sexually assaulted me a few years ago. I complained to the police, to TSA, to the TSA’s Office of Civil Rights, and directly to my Congressional representatives. Only by contacting my congressperson did I get a response.

  • Daisiemae

    Welcome back, Lisa! The place just ain’t the same without you!

  • Daisiemae

    There is no way out. We are totally screwed.

  • UGH, I’m sorry that you, that anyone, has to face such a depressing end to a lovely holiday. It’s amazing that people still voluntarily come to the States for vacations, knowing how customs and immigration will treat them coming in, and how the TSA will treat them going out.