Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Money’s coming. And not to you. 

In ten days, the TSA’s September 11 Security Fee will more than double — and it’s the best news of the month.

The TSA’s travel fees have never covered the costs of the agency and its absurd performance of security theater, so the TSA has been supported by extra funding from the federal treasury. That means that air travelers have been protected from the full perception of the organized ridiculousness they’re experiencing in the airport genital massage checkpoint: You see the Thousands Standing Around, but you don’t know how much you’re paying for them to do it.

Raising security fees is a good starting point in the long effort to send TSA employees packing, and we ought to fully support any measure that rubs American faces in the cost of our halfwit army of professional child molesters.

But let’s go further: TSA fees should be pulled out of the purchase of airline tickets, and pushed into the airport. Travelers should be forced to reach into their pockets at the airport security checkpoint, paying directly and in person for the thing they’re receiving: Hand your ID to the TSA clerk, then hand him six bucks in person.

Imagine how long the TSA would last — this may be wishful thinking — if every traveler actually had to reach into his or her wallet and pay cash to the goon thrusting its dirty gloves at their genitals.

As it stands, travelers are more likely to perceive their total ticket cost, with fees and taxes, as the cost of their airline ticket. Make them pay for the TSA. Full cost. In person. Confront them directly with the idiocy of the thing they’re paying for.