Happy Bastille Day? Not with TSA calling the shots

Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé!  Contre nous de la tyrannie, l’étandard sanglant est levé . . . . 

Today, July 14th, is Bastille Day, the French day of independence; and those words are the first lines of the Marseillaise, the French national anthem. They translate as:

Arise, children of the country, the day of glory has arrived!
Tyranny raises its bloody flag against us . . . .

And it goes on to exhort the citizens to fight said tyranny.

One wonders how the French (like Americans) can proclaim their independence when they bow down to the absurd new regulations imposed by the U.S. The French are masters of irony, so I’ll assume they see it today.

By the way, in the account at NBC (and do go over to see a picture worth a thousand words), Kate Hanni of Flyers’ Rights is quoted. And boy, does she put her foot in it. Hanni is apparently:

“encouraged that they are taking these steps and I do not think it’s just another inconvenience.”

Oh, Kate. Give me a break.

Furthermore, she extols the virtue of bomb-sniffing dogs. As I’ve said before, I love dogs, but they aren’t the panacea everyone thinks they are. And if you don’t believe dog trainers, who are experts, perhaps you’ll believe Susan Dubitsky of Georgia, who was bitten by a TSA dog, or “Jane Doe,” who was grotesquely abused and is still suffering from the effects.

Anyway, Bastille Day or no Bastille Day, I’ll always love Paris — and la belle France in general — and I’ll never stop fighting the tyranny of the TSA and the entire National Security State.