Dumb: Southwest Airlines Stowaway Ordered To Stay Away From LAX

This is completely stupid. 

This woman is doing us all a favor showing us how utterly porous and pretend the TSA’s “security” is by sneaking through again and again.

A woman who stowed away on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles and was ordered to stay away from LAX, only to be arrested one day later at the airport, had her probation revoked today.

Marilyn Jean Hartman, 62, remains jailed on $30,000 bail pending a probation violation hearing set for Wednesday.

Hartman was arrested Aug. 4 at Los Angeles International Airport after taking a flight from San Jose without a ticket or boarding pass.

They should hire her to crash TSA “security” lines across the country. Rather like a secret shopper, but showing how ineffective and useless government is instead of catching that, oh, Macy’s clerk who’s had an off day.

(Photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

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