Sai asks for your help in battle against TSA *UPDATED

*UPDATED BELOW. Regular readers will remember the two times we’ve written about this young man, one of thousands of people who’ve been abused by the TSA. 

His name is Sai. He is disabled and requires medication. The TSA detained him, taunted him, and denied him his medication medical liquids. We wrote about him here and here.

Sai isn’t taking his mistreatment lying down. He’s fighting. And he’s asking for your help. Following is the email Sai sent to me explaining his next steps. I have his permission to publish it:

Hi all.

I'm writing up a letter to the House Subcommittee on Transportation
Security (, which oversees the TSA,
explaining how TSA's current policies are unlawful on their face and
how in practice they both the law and their own policy:

I'm asking the Subcommittee to investigate, and to pass specific
legislation to address those issues.

You (and your readers) can help a lot:

1. Review the letter — particularly the last section, which recommends
very specific legislative reforms. I want to make sure I'm proposing
reforms which are both realistic to pass and will address the

2. Email me ([email protected]) a PDF letter in support, expressing *in
your own words* your views, experiences, and suggestions on the

Include your name and contact information if you want that to be
public; list it as 'John Doe' with an explanation if you want to be
anonymous. Don't include a physical signature (it'll be public); a
simple "Sincerely, [name] / [date] / [contact info]" will do just

If any of these people are your representative, be sure to say "I am a
constituent of Rep. X" in your letter:
AL Mike Rogers
AZ Ron Barber
CA Eric Swalwell
CA Loretta Sanchez
FL Curtis Clawson
GA Paul C. Broun
IN Susan W. Brooks
LA Cedric L. Richmond
MA William R. Keating
MI Bennie G. Thompson
MI Candice S. Miller
MI Steven M. Palazzo
MT Steve Daines
NC Richard Hudson
NJ Donald M. Payne, Jr.
NY Brian Higgins
NY Peter T. King
NY Yvette D. Clarke
PA Lou Barletta
PA Patrick Meehan
PA Scott Perry
PA Tom Marino
SC Jeff Duncan
SC Mark Sanford
TX Beto O'Rourke
TX Filemon Vela
TX Lamar S. Smith
TX Michael McCaul
TX Sheila Jackson Lee
UT Jason Chaffetz

I'd like to get it in before the House subcommittee hearing on the 18th:

Please feel free to share the content of this email and my email
address; see for my current FOIA / Privacy Act
litigation against the TSA (setting up for a civil suit later on).

Thanks again for your support,

*UPDATE: Just received this update from Sai 
(sorry, font/formatting of this whole post is off-LS):

I've just sent my letter to the House Transportation Security

It's just in time for their hearing "Safeguarding Privacy and Civil
Liberties While Keeping our Skies Safe" (2pm Eastern on Thursday 18th,
livestreamed @

It would help a *lot* if you contact them as well.

Phone is usually best; email works too. Between 9am and 2pm on
Thursday Sept 18 would be even better. ;-)

Just talk about your own experience in your own words and say what
you'd like them to do to fix it. Feel free to crib from the executive
summary (page 2 & 3) of my letter. (Asking them to please meet with me
wouldn't hurt either. :-P)

Please share & encourage your friends to call in too. It's a nice,
nonpartisan issue that everyone can get behind: make the TSA obey the
law, screen only for weapons & explosives, and stop hassling people
for their disabilities or their (non-exploding, non-weaponized)
bottles of juice. ;-)

If your congresscritter is listed below and you can call, please call
their office directly (be sure to tell them you're a constituent and
mention the hearing).

If not, contact the subcommittee itself: (202) 226-8417 /
[email protected]

AL Mike Rogers (202) 225-3261
AZ Ron Barber (202) 225-2542
CA Eric Swalwell (202) 225-5065
CA Loretta Sanchez (202) 225-2965
FL Curtis Clawson (202) 225-2536
GA Paul C. Broun (202) 225-4101
IN Susan W. Brooks (202) 225-2276
LA Cedric L. Richmond (202) 225-6636
MA William R. Keating (202) 225-3111
MI Bennie G. Thompson (202) 225-5876
MI Candice S. Miller (202) 225-2106
MI Steven M. Palazzo (202) 225-5772
MT Steve Daines (202) 225-3211
NC Richard Hudson (202) 225-3715
NJ Donald M. Payne, Jr. (202) 225-3436
NY Brian Higgins (202) 225-3306
NY Peter T. King (202) 225-7896
NY Yvette D. Clarke (202) 225-6231
PA Lou Barletta (202) 225-6511
PA Patrick Meehan (202) 225-2011
PA Scott Perry (202) 225-5836
PA Tom Marino (202) 225-3731
SC Jeff Duncan (202) 225-5301
SC Mark Sanford (202) 225-3176
TX Beto O'Rourke (202) 225-4831
TX Filemon Vela (202) 225-9901
TX Lamar S. Smith (202) 225-4236
TX Michael McCaul (202) 225-2401
TX Sheila Jackson Lee (202) 225-3816
UT Jason Chaffetz (202) 225-7751

Together, we can get Congress to take a serious look at TSA's policies
& practices, and enact some practical, bipartisan legislative reform
to fix them.

Thanks again for your support!