TSA flack joins private sector

In the never-ending revolving door that is the American corporate/political system, we have yet another player to add to the mix. 

Former TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski, about whom we’ve written more than once, has bowed out of his starring role overseeing the assault of passengers and taken a new position in the private sector: “Senior Advisor” at Command Consulting Group.

Halinski has served in senior leadership positions over the last 10 years at TSA and for 25 years in the Marine Corps . . .

John Halinski has been at the forefront of solving complex aviation security challenges over the past decade,” W. Ralph Basham, a Founding Partner at Command, said. “John’s unparalleled experience, especially in the international environment, will be a great benefit to our current and future international clients who are serious about achieving world class aviation security and regulatory compliance.”

And naturally, Threats R Us:

“Command is all about solving problems and delivering results,” Halinski said. “I had no doubt that Command was the right platform for me to help governments and airlines solve complex challenges and reduce exposure to the ever-changing threat landscape that confronts them.”

Hey, baby, your tax dollars at work.