TSA flack joins private sector

In the never-ending revolving door that is the American corporate/political system, we have yet another player to add to the mix. 

Former TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski, about whom we’ve written more than once, has bowed out of his starring role overseeing the assault of passengers and taken a new position in the private sector: “Senior Advisor” at Command Consulting Group.

Halinski has served in senior leadership positions over the last 10 years at TSA and for 25 years in the Marine Corps . . .

John Halinski has been at the forefront of solving complex aviation security challenges over the past decade,” W. Ralph Basham, a Founding Partner at Command, said. “John’s unparalleled experience, especially in the international environment, will be a great benefit to our current and future international clients who are serious about achieving world class aviation security and regulatory compliance.”

And naturally, Threats R Us:

“Command is all about solving problems and delivering results,” Halinski said. “I had no doubt that Command was the right platform for me to help governments and airlines solve complex challenges and reduce exposure to the ever-changing threat landscape that confronts them.”

Hey, baby, your tax dollars at work.

  • JaneinWVa

    Gosh, Susan, I answer your question and send you my kind regards and your response is to call me bizarre.

    I do not know if Lisa is one of the “western” looking women who being sent to the U.S. to carry out terrorist attacks or not.

    Unless you have personally known Lisa for several years, I ask you, Susan, can you swear that you personally know Lisa is not working for terrorists?

    If you do not wish to respond, that is ok. I posit you cannot respond in a respectful manner as you likely have nothing to contribute towards the truth. Without looking it up, do you know who Diogenes was? Do you know his philosophy? Some of his philosophical thoughts bear directly on the postings on this blog.

    I would say kind regards or sign respectfully, but you lost that privillige with your “bizarre” behaviour and tawdry personal attacks.

    • 1amWendy

      BTW, I have indeed known Lisa for several years, and I can honestly and faithfully attest that she is not, nor ever has, worked for ISIS. 🙂 She has, however, been active in the Occupy movement. She has worked for NPR. She is broadcast nationally on public radio. She is also adamantly against uncontrolled firearms.

      How very silly you appear. Maybe not silly: more like significantly fear-bound.

      • That just means you’re a comrade-in-arms, Wendy!

  • JaneinWVa

    Hey, Dolt, after I get some rest, I’ll post a reasons why I disagree with your statement. If you chose to try to make intelligent statements and you chose to leave out the sarcasm and ridicule, I will respectfully debate you. Otherwise, Dolt is an excellent online name. Your parents named you proud. As I said truthfully, I do need to get some rest. Buenos noches, Dolt…. or should I write DASH ……….

    p.s. You have no idea of who I really am and you have no idea of the strength of my will.

    • Dolt

      There was absolutely no sarcasm in my post. I am being very sincere.

      I have no desire to debate someone who does not deal in logic and reality.

      I like my username because it is intended to save 2 or 3 posts with personal name calling and get to the substance, but it also allows me to quickly identify those people who just can’t help themselves even though I have already done the work for you. So, When someone already does the name calling for you, yet you still have to go there, it says a lot to everyone else reading.

      • JaneinWVa

        Fair enough, Dolt. I respect your sincerity. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the issue.

        It is possible we are simply looking at the same facts in a different way. I put forth it is possible that two sincere people who think differently may learn from each other. I have no problem reading the views of others, who can respond without ridicule if one disagrees with them. I would like to understand why you state I am spreading the work of terrorists everywhere. When you refer to my “complete ignorance” and “weak will”, you must a logical reason to write that. Please explain.

        Also, if you believe it is a “laughable irony” and I have “zero clue”, please be so kind as to enlighten me. About reading blog comments, should intelligence agencies ignore particular sources of information as you judge it is a waste of their time? My thinking on this issue is: there are several intelligence agencies and I do not know what sources they use and what sources they monitor. Perhaps you have inside information that I do not.

        As to me responding to other posters whose idea of logic is to unsuccessfully try to ridicule me, I decided to throw ridiculous mud back at their ridiculous verbal attacks, at which time, I find they often ride off on their high horse shouting how indignant they are. Ridicule is, if I remember correctly, one of the 10 Rules for Radicals by Luciferian Saul Alinsky, and mentioned in a Canadian Free Press article about the Ten Mental Mistakes Obamatons make.

        Are you familiar with Luciferian Saul Alinsky’s 10 Rules for Radicals or do you believe it falls outside the scope of the initial post?

        Respectful regards,

        • Dolt


          If you want to know “the other side” of sincere, true opinions which are based in facts with cites, all you need to do is read through all of the posts on this website with an open mind and not be so reactive. Think about it first before getting into the hysteria of wanting to say there is “a 9/11 around every corner”.

          Perhaps you truly do not know, in which I called “complete ignorance” and “zero clue” – as that is the definition of someone who lacks any knowledge on a matter. If that is the case, I am not sure anything I say will help as there are tons and tons of information and material on this site and hundreds of others. It does, however, require you not only read those things that you agree with or wish to rally around.

          If you honestly believe the hysteria that there is a “9/11 around every corner”, then you are indeed presenting a “laughable irony” and a “weak will” as I stated. Again, I will say that all you must do is read what Bin Laden said about his plans to attack the USA. He stated (in my own words) that the US would over react, take away our own freedoms, live in fear and spend ourselves into bankruptcy to “protect” ourselves. Lo and behold, that is exactly what we did and continue to do. So, when you want to take away even more freedoms, create more of a police state and spend more billions on unnecessary and ineffective “security”, and worst of all, when you over hype the fear and say everyone should be wetting themselves because there could be “a 9/11 around every corner”, you play right into the written playbook of those terrorists. What else would you call that other than a “laughable irony” and “complete ignorance”?

          Or, Perhaps you don’t care and are just goading me into more responses. Either way, I hope you someday come to understand what you are doing to yourself, your family and your fellow citizens by continuing your insane tirade.

    • JaneinWVa

      Dolt, I may have been wrong in my answer to you. It is Christmas Day for me and this is a day for family. I reread your post. You may be right. It is possible I have zero clue as to what I am actually doing. I must say, I get some of my information from the inside. I have no desire to do the wrong thing. I took phrases like “zero clue: and “dumb nonsense” to be disrespectful, but again, maybe you are correct. I believe you are absolutely correct it is a waste of time to read Lisa’s posts. My apologies for responding in a disrespectful manner. I will write more later when I have had more time to think carefully what you have written. “boogymen” instead of terrorists? Just a word choice. I was very tired when I responded to your post. I assume fault for not reading more carefully and trying to really understand what you wrote. If you celebrate Christmas, I wish a Merry Christmas to you and all your family. It is now time for me to get back to my family. Regards, Jane

  • JaneinWVa

    Daisiemae, sorry it took me so long to get to a serious post.

    I was responding to all the ridicule you tossed my way above.

    This post tells me apparently you think everyone is out for money and that there is no honest person who thinks about security of family and country first. ……… Sad, Daisiemae, sad. …. I agree many people do love money above all else. I’ll let you in on a secret. There are a few people I personally know who hold honour above money.

    Please do not judge the few by the actions of the many.

  • JaneinWVa

    My dearest 1amWendy: I respect what you wrote. I agree in part and disagree in part, but need to hang up my hat for the day. I will respond to your post with respect but am getting rather fatigued for now.

    Maybe you know Lisa personally. In that case, I will take a closer look at what she has written; just because she has your respect. Her unceasing ridicule of those who disagree with her lost her my respect. It really WAS a mistake for her to write she works for ISIS; even in fun.

    As you write: I agree as fair enough to back up what I write with coherent and a compelling argument.

    Good night Miss 1amWendy
    (to use the term Miss, even for a married lady is a way of showing respect in my culture).

  • JaneinWVa

    SusieRichHat – If you see something out of the ordinary and say nothing, it’s on you, babe.

    Oh, yeah, I saw something and said something and forwarded something. Can you spell Jane or is it beyond your abilities?

  • JaneinWVa

    Susan Richart, the Luciferian hack writes and I’m supposed to do what? Quiver in fear? Cry? Silly girl~! You are so full of merde~!

  • JaneinWVa

    Susan, I think Daisiemae and you come from outer space. Lisa may be one of those westerners that ISIS (called DASH by real Muslims) is sending over. Can’t take the return ridicule? Get off the blog/board/whatever~!

  • Daisiemae

    Dear All,

    This is to inform everyone that I do not plan to engage in any way whatsoever with Jane. Her posts are so random and bizarre, that there is no point. From here on out, whatever she posts, I will not respond. Of course, the rest of you are free to do as you think best.

    Moreover, Jane has outed my identity. I am Lucifer–tempting all and sundry. Since my evil plans for Jane have been crushed, I plan to turn my evil intentions towards a more worthy target. I am so confident in my evil persona, that I will publish my new plan for all to see. Behold! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    • JaneinWVa

      Woo hoo~! Daisiemae just proved my point. I guess the return ridicule got the best of her. Obvious to me, Daisiemae never learned the difference between a noun and an adjective. Thank you for not responding, Daisiemae. I thought I detected an original thought. That I did respect you for.

  • JaneinWVa

    Ridicule, Daisiemae?

    Sad to see you degrading yourself without an original thought. Just a passive follower of Luciferian Saul Alinsky and friends.

  • JaneinWVa

    In addition, ISIS as it is known is the West, has stated they are going to start sending women (I haven’t heard if Middle Eastern or European blue-eyed blonds) saboteurs to the West to commit acts of terrorism.

    Instead of saying “ISIS” Muslims call them “DASH” for in the Middle East, Isis is a woman’s name like Jane or Susan or Lisa. Who told me? The local Islamic Imam and my Muslim friends.

    • Minor point: it’s spelled “Daesh” over here. Of course anything is an approximation of the Arabic, but there ya go.

  • JaneinWVa

    So writes Susan Richart, Luciferian Saul Alinsky’s cowardly hack~!

    What public school did you go to? It is Jane, not Janie.

    I would say let us ALL start using ALL of Luciferian Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, but as we said in the 1980’s, “what a waste of bandwidth”.

  • JaneinWVa

    This was a cute fantasy. Very funny~! Thanks for sharing.

  • JaneinWVa

    Hi Daisiemae, if you read above, you will find that I do not always disagree with you.

    If you find you are only capable of trying to make comments meant to ridicule, well, read my reply to Susan “the cowardly hack” about ridicule. Are you aware you are following Luciferian Saul Alinsky’s 5th Rule for Radicals?

    If you wish to engage in a meaningful debate and leave out the pathetic attempts at ridicule, I will welcome a meaningful exchange of educations, experience, and ideas. It is up to you.

  • JaneinWVa

    I get from your message Susan that you think janitors (I was one), cooks, entry level salespeople (I was one) dishwashers, laborers (I was one) ……….. should be paid equally to: ………. physicians, R&D scientists (I was an R&D tech), the best government employees (I was an excellent entry level federal employee around one excellent, but also several incompetent mid-level managers), accountants, police officers, firefighters (I took the intensive Texas A&M firefighter’s class), or business owners who work 80 hours a week and have to deal will all the rules & regulations regarding taxes, and other federal, state, and local rules. I respectfully disagree.

    Fear mongering? The local Muslamic Imam disagrees with you.
    Many in his “congregation” who fled to our u.S.A. as a safe haven also disagree with you. They want to go home, but they are well acquainted with the words fear, horror, atrocities, hell on earth, murder of the innocent…… Fear is not mongering to them.

    Are you willing to work 80+ hours a week for minimum wage while putting your life on the line? What about 100 hours+ per week; again putting your life plus the lives of your family on the line, like the ICE guys on our southern border where “narcos” show up at the front door of their family home.

    Susan Richart, you tend to give me a genuine impression that you are a paid hack and a coward.

    Your statements remind me of one of Luciferian Saul Alinski’s tactics: Rule no. 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s
    irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to
    force the enemy into concessions.”

    I personally think ridicule only works if people take you seriously. Personally, Susan Richart, I know longer take you seriously. I can only suggest that if there are independent thinkers here, they may wish to consider whether or not to take you seriously either.

    The ridicule you spout is never, ever going to force a concession from me.

  • JaneinWVa

    Hi RB, gotta disagree.

    No, not always, my grand-niece who has a gift of keen observance of “out of the ordinary things” is also kind and compassionate as a “screener” (if you are referring to a TSA clerk) but she has plans to move on as she gets more education. I do not know where she will be planning to work, but I do not think she will continue to be a TSA “screener”.

    It was either her or her sister at 10 years old who was pulled out of line for “special screening” into a room where her mother, (my niece) could not be with her. You can only guess how traumatising that it was for both of them.

  • JaneinWVa

    I agree, Lisa Simeone. I say Frak them.

  • JaneinWVa

    Daisiemae, It may surprise you, but I agree. Not always the best and brightest sign up with TSA, except for one of my grandnieces who excels in reading people and is sensitive and compassionate.

    Her great-grandmother taught her mother and me to tell the truth; my sister (r.i.p.) told the truth even if it took the hide off. I slipped into telling “white lies” on non-important issues, but if it is important, in the workplace I told the truth, even if it brought managerial wrath on my head. Also, if I really care about someone, and this has happened; when I shook no to my best friend at my last work place, to tell her her new hairstyle didn’t work for her. No white lie there.

    My niece learned to tell the truth from her mother and taught the same to her daughters……. Like you, I am sure there are some, to use your word, “scumbags” who have slipped through the screening process and should be “booted out” and prosecuted.

    I found out in the 1990’s that Britain uses retired policemen as “screeners” for I was pulled aside and questioned when leaving Pittsburg to go to Britain (I get Heathrow and Gatwick mixed up), and when I flew back. I think when I told the “screener” that “I had never seen so many swans on the river near Eton”, he realized I really was just a tourist.

    Also, in the mid 1990’s, I was pulled aside leaving our u.S.A. by British Airways security because I carried my 35mm film in a lead lined bag which was opened and checked. They said the x-ray would not hurt my film, but I was concerned about the 3200 speed film. I told him I did not mind in the least for I said that in our u.S.A., we had heard of Lockerbie, Scotland.

    “Pan Am Flight 103, year 1988 … which was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew on board, in what became known as the Lockerbie bombing. Large sections of the aircraft crashed onto residential areas of Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 11 more people on the ground. (Wikipedia) …………… ……………. What I remember was a terrorist got his “girlfriend” with child and had her carry a bomb on board.”

    Kind regards,

    • Susan Richart

      Jane, take your meds and go back to bed.

      • JaneinWVa

        susan richart – luciferian hack. no, YOU take your meds and your alcohol and your illegal drugs and you go back to bed.

    • Daisiemae

      This disjointed epistle is so freakish and bizarre that I don’t even know where to begin.

      • JaneinWVa

        What is it that you do not understand about the words, “I agree” [with you]?

        Sadly, it seems you are not as intelligent as I thought, but then like any human, I am subject to error. If you now tell me you are not subject to error, I will logically conclude, Daisiemae, you are not human.

        Gee, sorry, my “epistle” was too complicated for you to comprehend. Seems you are not a native speaker of English, really troublesome if you are not from this earth..

        As to “freakish and bizarre”, you now reveal yourself as a true Luciferian Saul Alinsky brainless hack.

        Want to just continue to trade ridicule (I’m just doing my bit for fun) or do you have an original intelligent thought to share?

        Hey, if you and Susan Richart are that bored, I will play this game as long as *I want*, then when nobody else becomes interested in your oblivious blather, you two can just ridicule each other back and forth.

        Daisiemae, you and Susan Richart are just becoming quite monotonous, stale, stodgy, and stupid. Who mentioned posting rules?Talk about posting rules? I find that hilarious~!