Sai asks for help once again in fighting TSA abuse

Another friend of the blog, a man named Sai, is routinely harassed by the TSA. He’s not only an ally in the fight against TSA abuse but a sharp and dogged crusader. 

We’ve written about him several times.

Now Sai needs our help again, so if you can offer it, please do. Here’s the email he recently sent me, which I have his permission to publish:

Hi again.

I'm hoping that you & your readers can help me out here.

I recently got released to me CCTV video of the incident at BOS
airport, where I was discriminated against for being mute.

They selected me for secondary screening in large part because
I was signing/mouthing/writing rather than speaking; the screening
focused exclusively on reading through my personal papers, notes,
confidential business documents, books, checkbook, etc; and the
kicker, they tore my paper out of my hands as I was writing in direct
retaliation having written a protest of the illegality of their

All I have is CCTV video — 1280x960, 9.99fps, but no audio. I don't
have notes of the dialogue either, since TSA actively prevented me
from accessing my pen & paper.

Unfortunately, I don't have my own recording of this; that's actually
what prompted me to start recording all TSA encounters, like the SFO
incident. (

I'd really appreciate if people fluent in American Sign Language or
who can read lips well (spoken English) could help me annotate the
video with the dialogue and not just what they're doing.

The video's private for now (pending full edit etc), so if your
readers could help, please ask them to email me @ [email protected] with
their google/yt account email.

Thanks in advance.

- Sai

P.S. Feel free to share anything in this email however you wish.