Women strip-searched by TSA three years ago finally file suit

Three elderly women who were strip-searched by the TSA back in 2011 have finally come forward to file suit. Not against the agency, unfortunately, but against the three (publicly unidentified) screeners who performed the abusive searches. 

The women are Leonore Zimmerman, 75; Linda Kallish, 69; and Ruth Sherman, 91. We’ve written about all of these women before, several times, also about other people the TSA has strip-searched and humiliated.

The New York Daily News reports:

The women, all residents of Florida, apparently aroused the suspicion of the federal Transportation Security Administration screeners because of the medical devices attached to their bodies.

Linda Kallish, 69, had an insulin pump attached to her thigh, Lenore Zimmerman, 75, was wearing a back brace, and Ruth Sherman, 91, had a colostomy bag, according to the women’s separate suits filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

There was, of course, no arousing of suspicion involved; it was just the usual power-tripping abuse we’ve grown accustomed to. Ruth Sherman’s son delivered this understatement:

“My mother was embarrassed and ridiculed and it’s probably still going on at the airport,” Robert Sherman said.

Probably still going on? Probably??

It is still going on. But unless people come forward to tell their stories — and unless those stories are picked up by the media — we have no idea how much it’s going on. I get emails all the time from people with tales to tell, but they rarely want their real names published.

Oh, well. As I wrote recently, I’m running out of outrage. Most of America doesn’t seem to care about the abuse, and there’s only so much energy one can put into this crusade.